Pathlights Junior is Back in Service: Come On in!!

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Updated: January 15, 2018

Attention Homescholars!
There are many useful items in this store for Children; Youth and Study Groups and we are working hard to make many more!

Please Visit our Online Store for Downloadable
CD-ROM Zip-Files full of goodies and many Audio-Books for
Children, Youth and Adults!

If you are looking for particular material or a subject,
use our contact form and let us know!

ATTENTION! Due to subtle cyber-attacks, all Temcat Websites were down for a while. We are working to restore all resources to our readers. To find out what is happening with each of our sites, make use of our "Temcat Directory". Most of the site links redirect to that page to assist you!

Our Friends at Sonlight now have many files available;
We encourage all to go there and download wonderful SonLight materials for homeschooling.

SonLight Education Ministry Google Drive Files

Their new contact information is:
SonLight Education Ministry
3450 Quail Avenue
Manly, Iowa 50456
(641) 420-7533