Bible and Mission Stories to Print

A Treasury for Homeschoolers, Sabbath Schools, and Family Worship

Gathered from an old church-school Bible Class reader of 70 years ago, these stories are designed with Grade 2-3 in mind. Because of the fact that it is better not to have young children reading from electronic computer screens but rather from printed materials, we are creating this collection with large print and illustrations. The words are easy and the stories not too long for young readers. The first is "All the Way with God".

All the Way with God

Grades 3, 4

Bible Stories

1: God's Love:

1A: Away from God

1B: And it was So.

1C: The Beautiful Home Lost.

2: Faith:

2A:  The First Tall Building

2B: And He Went

2C: Giants in the Land

2D: Only a Look!

2E: Over the Jordan

2F: Tramp, Tramp Tramp!

2G: A Long, Long Day

2H:  A Ride to Heaven

2I: The Poor Woman's oil.

2J: Not Good Enough

2K: Walking on the Water

 3: Being Unselfish:

3A: Where is Your Brother?

3B: The Unselfish Uncle

3C: Can it be Saved?

3D: The Donkey that Talked

3E: The Selfish King

3F: Small Boy's Lunch

3G: He went Away Sad

3H: All that She Had

4: God's Gift:

4A: Good News

4B: Unto You, a Son

4C: The Star points the Way

4D: The Boy Jesus

4E: Voice from the Wilderness

5: Being Thankful:

5A: The Seventh Time

5B: Four Hungry Lepers

5C: One Said Than You!

5D: Only Asleep

5E: Your Son Lives!

5F: Helpless Man Helped

5G: Through the Roof

5H: Sleeping in a Storm

5I: In the Name of Jesus

6: God's Care:

6A: Wilderness Water

6B: He wanted a Sign

6C:  All in One Night

6D: Story of the Fleece

6E:  Gideon's 300

6F: Israel's First King

6G:  The Shepherd Boy

6H: Sad but Made Glad

6I: A Weary Prophet

6J: Unseen Soldiers

6K: The Runaway Boy

6L: The Fish that Paid the Tax

6M: The Doors Opened

7: Courage All the Way:

7A: The Strongest Man

7B: Watching His Sheep

7C: One Smooth Stone

7D: The Wise Way

7E: Who is that Man?

7F: The Kings Friend

8: Love and Service:

8A: "I Will go with You"

8B: How Ruth Helped

8C: Friends always

8D: Saved in a Cave

8E: The Little Lame Prince

8F: The Great Gift

8G: The Holy City

Mission Stories

1. The Evil Day!/ Memory Text to Color

2. Across the Flooded River  /Memory Text to Color

3. Paquito's Faith

4. What Five Doctors Didn't Know

55. The Red Coat /Memory Text to Color

6. Jack's Money

7. The Sabbath Doctor

8. A Strange Baptism

9. Who was that Chief?

10. Flying for God

11. God Will Help

12. Who were the Watchmen?

13. Prison Rescue

14. How Juan Decided

15. An Angry Act

16. The Little Preacher

17. Marana and the Mission Lady

18. How Michael's Foot was [almost] Cut Off!

19. 'Dah Bus is Stuck'! A Coloring Story.