Messengers of the Promise

Stories to print and read for Homeschoolers, Sabbath Schools, and Family Worship

Gathered from an old church-school Bible Class reader of 70 years ago, these stories are designed with Grade 5 and 6 in mind. It is better not to have young children reading from electronic computer screens but rather from printed materials they can hold in their hands. These printable PDFs have large print and illustrations. They will be offered combined in sections for easier downloading. 

Messengers of the Promise

Grades 5, 6

These Stories are grouped in sections for easier printing.

I: In the Beginning: All:

II: People of the Promise: All

III: In the Wilderness: All

IV: The Promised Land

V: In the Days of the Judges

VI: Crowns of Earthly Glory

VII: From Strength to Weakness

VIII: Faithful and Unfaithful

IX: Light in the Darkness

X: Home from a Foreign Land