By Earle Albert Rowell


              1.  The Scoffer Scoffs  

             2.  Challenge to a Prophecy Contest  

             3.  The Test Begins  

             4.  How to Disprove the Bible  

             5.  Egypt Confounds the Unbeliever  

             6.  The Daring of Daniel    

             7.  Every Jew a Miracle  

             8.  Sceptics Compelled to Witness for the Bible 

             9.  Infidel Ruler Tries to Break Prophecy  

            10. Christ — the Heart of Prophecy and History 

            11. Infidels Testify for Christ  

            12. Confessions of Leading Modern Infidels  

            13. Converted Sceptics  

            14. What Has the Sceptic to Offer 

            15. What Christianity Has to Offer


Earle Albert Rowell, to whom we are indebted for this story of David Dare and his experiences in Bible research, is also author of “The Bible in the Critics’ Den,”  “Letters From a Converted Infidel to His Agnostic Father,”  and “Battling the Wolves of Society.”  He was reared in an infidel home and is himself a converted infidel.  For a number of years he lectured on the Pacific Coast of the United States, following the plan of going into a city, advertising his meeting, inviting all classes of unbelievers to attend and to interrupt him with questions at any time during the lecture.  These he promised to answer.  The story of David Dare is a composite of these experiences and is based on actual facts.                                          Publishers.