Desire of Ages Study Guide

Take your children and your whole family on a fascinating tour of one of the greatest books ever written. Only Inspiration could have produced this uplifting volume and nothing can inspire your family like exploring its pages. These materials can be used in Family Worship; Sabbath School; Day School or Home-schools and can be adjusted to all age groups. Also Please note that this book can be studied quite nicely in the Family Circle just by reading one chapter at a time, allowing children who can read to share in the reading, and discussing it as you go through it. 

Memory Verse songs for these Studies

Volume 1: Chapters 1- 6

Part 1 Student's Booklet

Part 1 Teacher's Guide

Part 1 Bible Booklet

Volume 2: Chapters 6-11

Part 2 Student's Booklet

Part 2 Teacher's Guide

Part 2 Bible Booklet

Volume 3: Chapters 12-16

Part 3 Student's Booklet

Part 3 Teacher's Guide

Part 3 Bible Booklet

Volume 4: Chapters 17-22 

Part 4 Student's Booklet

Part 4 Teacher's Guide

Part 4 Bible Booklet