More about the Work of Angels

An Angel Showing John the Holy City

When John fell down in awe to worship the angel he was told: "See thou do it not!" We are not to worship or pray to angels.

The 4 Angels holding the Winds of Strife A symbolic representation of the work of angels in our world today! They are constantly holding back evil forces so that God's children can serve Him.

Angels are not people who have died! Angels were around before any body died. The dead are asleep in their graves until the resurrection. The dead 'Know Not Anything' Ecclesiastes 9:5


An artist's idea of the throne room of God. The lightning is the angels speeding to earth to do God's will.

The angel that destroyed Sennacherib's army.

Part of the work of the Angels, is to keep records of every thought, word and deed. We don't know for sure how it is done but the Bible assures us that it is!


Angels with the Trumpets of History!

Revelation portrays the events of history by placing them under the 7 trumpets sounded one after the other by 7 angels. Angels represent many things in Bible Prophecy and they are active in helping God to bring prophecies to pass.


Guardian Angels watch over God's People


True incident of children protected from a stampede!

An Angel with a fiery sword guarded the tree of life
after Adam and Eve sinned.