Highest Education

Children have claims which their parents should acknowledge and respect. They have a right to such an education and training as will make them useful, respected, and beloved members of society here, and give them a moral fitness for the society of the pure and holy hereafter. The young should be taught that both their present and their future well-being depend to a great degree on the habits they form in childhood and youth.



Welcome Friends and Home-scholars!

PathLights Junior is now 'Junior Missionary Volunteer' Headquarters!

We are busy putting lots of new Homeschool and Fun Materials on here for a whole new set of learning adventures for Juniors, Teens and Youth. Come Often and tell your friends! There are many Fun things here we are working hard to update them and make many more! 

Updated: November 09, 2021

Visit 'Temkit' Fun & Learning for Pre-School,  & Primary Materials

NEW Audio Book: Angel Stories

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Attention Sonlight Homeschoolers:

Because our Friends at Sonlight now have many files available on their own sites; Temcat  has removed most of our Sonlight files. Use the links below, and download wonderful SonLight materials for homeschooling.

"Granny Temcat's Sonlight materials have moved from this site. For those that still want it, we have most of it on Temcat's One-Drive Folder: the folders have separate items you can download one by one as you need them.

Temcat's Sonlight Material Link

Here are the Sonlight Links

SonLight Education Ministry Google Drive Files

Their new contact information is:
SonLight Education Ministry
3450 Quail Avenue
Manly, Iowa 50456
(641) 420-7533