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What Shall We Read?

As Missionary Volunteer teens, tweens, and youth, I encourage all of you to always seek to learn about  the Christian life and the Lord's ways from true stories. Of course fiction stories can never teach us reliably so we don't waste our time on those!

New Stories

What is it like to be in prison for refusing to work on the Sabbath? Audio. [Find out in the true audio story of 6 men who did just that.]

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A new Read and Listen story on the Nature Page:
Mammy-Lou VS Evolution!

[Stories of Faith and Courage]

[True History Section!]

[Stories from Old Readers]

[Stories About our Special Messenger]

If you have read or listened to Granny's JMV page, you notice that we talk a lot about learning worth-while things on your own, besides what you may learn from teachers, parents, and others. A young friend of mine shared the idea of a special Reading Club List with lot's of links to online books, special courses, and Audio Stories, chosen to help us all learn Useful Skills, Helping others, True History, and how to have a character like Jesus!

Most folk have the idea that reading is a good thing to do. But is that always true? We all tend to know that eating is a good thing; if we fail to eat, it certainly leads to some unhappy results. But does that mean that all eating is good? What about drinking: Most of us know that if we never drink at all, it can lead to real problems. But is all drinking good?

Learning how to read well, both silently and out loud, is certainly an important part of education and even life itself. But just like with eating and drinking, it is certainly as important to know how to choose between the good and and bad, the beneficial and the harmful.

In our Reading Club we have some guidelines to use in deciding what to read or not to read. We will also look into video; movies, TV, and computer video. Is watching a story the same as reading a book? What about audio stories where we listen to someone reading a book to us? We need to find out!

Reading: Guidelines and Principles

Compare: Reading; Listening; Watching

Something very Special for Reading Club Members!

Years ago, Granny wrote a huge series of special papers called 'Temkit for Children.' This year I have been updating them and they are amazing material for tweens, teens, and youth; even adults! They are not for younger children and really should be Temkit for Teens! There are 3 years worth of these with one for each week, that is 156 magazines you can download and print! It is taking Granny some time to get them updated but I know you will really like these! Not only do they have amazing Bible Lessons and stories but they teach medical missionary skills and many other useful things! I am putting them into a special folder as I get them done. Here is your own One-Drive folder link: grab all of them and enjoy!

A Special Cloud Library for JMV Reading Club

The Books and Stories are Here! A special 'JMV Reading Club' folder on our private One-Drive Cloud for pdf e-books to read, and other items you can download for yourself.

Story Courses for a Joyful Christian Life!

These course will provide you with valuable JMV skills and tools! Learn how to solve life problems, as well as bless your family and help others.

ABCs of Bible Prayer: Read and Listen: End Time Promises!

Part 1: I Know Something Good! Helping others find Jesus! [also 2 Extra E-Books]

Part 2: Cry of the Troubled Heart: Please Pray! An Allegory course

Youth-Prays/God Answers. Adventures in Answered Prayer!

The Happiest People. Learn how the Christian Life is the Happiest!

God's Way Out! Lessons from Bible Stories

EBook: Special Collection of Inspiring Poems.

You Tell On Yourself

You tell on yourself by the friends you seek,
by the very manner in which you speak,
by the way you employ your leisure time,
by how you use your dollars and dime.

You tell what you are by the things you wear,
by the spirit in which your burdens you bear,
by the music you choose, and programs you view
by the kind of things that are funny to you,

You tell what you are by the way you walk,
by the things of which you delight to talk,
by the manner in which you bear defeat,
by so simple a thing as how you eat.

By the books you choose from a well-filled shelf,
in these ways and more, you tell on yourself.
So there’s really no particle of common sense
in an effort to keep up false pretense.

You Tell On Yourself

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