I Know Something Good!

Helping Others to know Jesus:

"God's plan is first to get at the heart." Testimonies, Vol. 6, p. 400

"Christ crucified; talk it, pray it, sing it, and it will break and win hearts." Testimonies, Vol. 6, p. 67

The purpose of these lessons is to help youth, and all of us, learn how to better help people get to know our wonderful Savior Jesus and His truth.

May the Spirit of the living God enlighten the minds of all age groups who study and seek for more effective and Christ-like methods of soul-winning and prepare young people for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and to participate soon in reaping earth's last great spiritual harvest. Grab your Bible and let's start!


00-Purpose of these Lessons

Lesson I “Jesus Only”: The Central Law of Soul-winning

Lesson II "Enamored" [In Love] With Jesus: How the Law of Choice Operates

Lesson III Jesus Prepares You: The Law of Humility in Action

Lesson IV Jesus—The Argument: The Law of Persuasion Through Love

Lesson V Jesus–Not Condemnation: The Law of Positiveness

Lesson VI Witnessing for Jesus: Law of the Spiritual Court-room

Lesson VII Jesus Inspires Hope: A Law of Salvation

Lesson VIII Jesus Quickens Faith: The Law of Victory

Lesson IX Jesus Loves? A Law of Courtship

Lesson X Jesus–The Drawing Magnet: The Law of Attraction

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'Cry of the Troubled Heart': Part 2 of this Learning Adventure.

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