Cry of a Troubled Heart!

Please Pray!

A Story-Course-Allegory
illustrating the 'Seven Laws of Communication'
Part 2 of "I Know Something Good!"

This set of story-lessons, done in an allegorical style, endeavors to assist your understanding of The Seven Laws of Communication in your dealings with those for whom you are burdened, as well as to bring you closer to Jesus Christ-the Solver of all problems. Here we are spelling out God-given solutions to Satan-inspired problems of life.

Learning these precious skills in your teens and youth will be a great asset both in understanding your own problems and finding answers and helping other troubled hearts.

The 7 Laws of Soul-Winning Communication:

1. Jesus: His Methods
2. Jesus: His Joy
3. Jesus: His Humility
4. Freedom of Choice
5. Faith
6. Love
7. Hope  


00-Introduction/Contents/ 1. Something Wonderful Is Coming to You

2. "Please Pray for My Backslidden Son''

3. How Bill's Mother Changed

4. She Found a New Vocabulary

5. She Learned How to Write Backslidden Bill

6. "Please Pray for My Daughter Engaged to an 'Unsuitable' Boy

7. How Dr. Leslie Rescued His Daughter

8. "Please Pray for My Teenage Friends who Fail Me"

9. "Please Pray for My 'Ill-advised' Church Council"

10. "Please Pray for My Infatuated Wife"

11. "Please Pray for My Non-Christian Husband"

12. "Please Pray for My Distraught Nerves"

13. "Please Pray for My Children-to-be"

14. Why Elizabeth Cursed Her Mother

15. Youth's Exciting Discoveries

16. "Please Pray for My Lonely Heart"

17. "Please Pray for My Persecuted Soul"

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