Clever Queen

A True Tale of the Jungles of Burma and the Karen Devil Worshippers

 Audio available in zip file at this link:!Au62eGggVbfi1VHx9SgCN-nQXqH7?e=8bmHsv .

Chapter 01: Born among the Devil Worshippers

Chapter 02: Famine in the Village

Chapter 03: Sold for Two Bags of Rice / Chapter 04: The Famine Ends

Chapter 05: Stolen Back Again! / Chapter 06: Under the Spell of Magic

Chapter 07: With the Pigs Under the House / Chapter 08: Trying to heal the Sores

Chapter 09: Divining With the Chicken Bones / Chapter 10: Her First Visit to the Dispensary

Chapter 11: Help and Healing / Chapter 12: House of the God Worshipper

Chapter 13: The Singing Box / Chapter 14: The Spirit Trap

Chapter 15: Getting their Spirits Caught / Chapter 16: Food for Daw-ta-kars

Chapter 17: Clever Queen arrives at School / Chapter 18: School is Fun

Chapter 19: Good Friday-Night Meetings / Chapter 20: When She didn't Feel Good Inside

Chapter 21: Jungle Camp Meeting / Chapter 22: Clever Queen Born into the Kingdom