True Missionary Stories

Missionary Volunteers can learn a lot from True stories of missionaries, especially the early ones who often risked everything to carry the Gospel into wild and dangerous areas. Here we have a collection of such True stories.

Granny Temcat Reads True Mission Stories

The Jungle Story-Teller

Nyla and the White Crocodile

Taught by a Tiger!

Clever Queen: and the Devil Worshippers

The Amazing Adventures of Joseph Wolff

The Haunted Pagoda

Advent Missions E-Book Stories

"On Three Continents" A Missionary Doctor's Autobiography

In the Land of the Incas. If you only read one mission story in your life--make it this one!

Pictures From In the Land of the Incas.

Amazing Story from Early SDA Missions

Light Bearer to the Amazon

Missions of the World

Things as They Are

Fifty Missionary Heroes Every Girl & Boy should Know

Advanced Guard of Missions.

20 Missionary Stories from India.

19 Missionary Stories from the Middle-East.

As Children of the Heavenly King, we too can have a Missionary Spirit. We can have Characters fit for heaven which will bring Joy into our earthly Homes and Families. That is Jesus' plan for each of us and He provides the guidance and power when we chose to have it and ask for it!

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