Taught by a Tiger

A True Story of a Village in Sumatra and their search for a Better Way.
When Toga's father, the village chief, invited the new teacher to live with his people, Toga, and his friend Kiri, began to learn about the one true and living God. But not everyone in the village wanted to learn. Nee-pah hated Teacher and Mama Joe, He would do anything to drive them and their new God away!  

Chapter 01: The Little White Teacher

Chapter 02: In the Holy Place

Chapter 03: The Cursed Ground

Chapter 04: The Old Customs

Chapter 05: The New Teachers

Chapter 06: "In the Night His Song shall be with Me"

Chapter 07: Demons in the Village

Chapter 08: Trials

Chapter 9: Poison Cakes

Chapter 10: The Secret of His Presence

Chapter 11: Neepah

Chapter 12: Tongo-Tongi

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