George Washington Carver:
Mr. Creator's Borrowed Brown Hands!

As I read this amazing story, I was impressed how the Lord used "the weakest of the weak" to accomplish something that made a difference for good in this world. Do you remember another person that God called "The weakest of the weak"? Yes it was Sister Ellen White!  See what other lessons you can learn in this short biography. You will find other good information about George Washington Carver online.

01- Terror by Night!

02- Saved! GWC.mp3

03-Bare-foot Scientist GWC.mp3

04-Another Dream comes True! GWC.mp3

05-Good Times -- and Bad! G-W-C.mp3

06-Simpson College Fids George -- George Moves On G-W-C.mp3

07-The Call - G-W-C.mp3

08-What next--"Dr. Carver"? - G-W-C.mp3

09-On the Road - G-W-C.mp3

10-Before Congress-G-W-C.mp3

11-12-Wounds--and Healing//He Walked with Kings-G-W-C.mp3