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 #4: Real Food or Food-like Substances?

I do not know of any other industry than the food processing business, where a total counterfeit can be legally sold to buyers and people pay the price of something real, to receive only something artificial!

 A knowledgeable trip through any supermarket with a magnifying glass to read labels, will disclose many products that really are worthless and artificial and yet being sold to the gullible public as ‘food’.

Can you imagine going to a car dealer and looking over the cars on the lot and in the showroom and the salesperson comes up and tells you. “Come with me and I will show you the best deal we have!”

You are led to a lovely looking car, all shiny and bright with chrome and polish. You are told the price and it is amazingly cheap! You are about to order this vehicle when you stop and consider; wait a minute—there has to be something wrong here! So you start asking questions. (Reading the label)

“OK, what kind of engine does it have?”

“Oh no, it doesn’t exactly have an engine; you wouldn’t expect us to sell a car with an engine at a price so low as that, would you?”

“But what good is a car without an engine to me? What would be the use of me buying this car?”

“Well, you can see that it looks really good, doesn’t it? You can place it in your driveway and everyone will admire your new car!”

“But it won’t go anywhere!”

“Sure it will! It has nothing but the body, so it is light and real easy to push.”

Of course by this time you are heading for the door in a rush! But friends—people are making the same error in the supermarkets every day! They buy fruit flavored, brightly colored drinks; candies; desserts; that are nothing but sugar, chemicals, coloring and either water or gelatin or some other filler. They take these things home and feed them to their children and the children wolf them down and clamor for more, because the sugar and the chemicals are as addictive as cocaine! But there is no ‘engine’; the real nutrients, the real health benefits of fruit are totally missing and it is just an empty promise.

People are paying good money for counterfeit food-like substances every day, and getting ripped off! But even if you bought that car without the engine, it would not do what this food-farce is doing to you and your family! It would not make you sick; cause your children to develop poor minds and bodies and get obese. It would not cause you to die of diseases that are totally preventable with a Whole-food Plant-based diet! No! You would be better off buying an empty shell of a car, than buying and using the empty shells being sold as ‘food’.

Processed, Refined, Ruined!

There is an interesting word-picture in this verse:

“. . . Ten women shall bake your bread in one oven, and they shall deliver you your bread again by weight: and ye shall eat, and not be satisfied.” Leviticus 26:26

Sounds like a description of modern commercial white bread doesn’t it? The kind of bread that if you sat on the package it would flatten down to almost nothing; you would ‘wonder’ where the bread went. But fluffy, refined, light foods are easier to eat, and easy to eat a lot of, and of course it is still okay because is it not ‘enriched’ with vitamins?

Think of it this way; if a thief held you up one dark night and he took your wallet and all your cash, then he tossed you enough change for a bus-ride home—would you consider yourself enriched? I doubt it.

So it is with the refined flour and white rice that is enriched, most of the nutrients are removed. When they first began refining these grains and people were eating it, they became ill from lack of certain vitamins that had been stolen from the grain by refining and processing. In fact many people ended up in insane asylums because of the effects of this! So it was discovered that by adding a few vitamins back, at least people didn’t die of eating it and many folk went home from the mental asylums. But like our example; it sure is not ‘enriched’—so much natural nutrition is removed and only a ‘bus-fare’ is added back.

The Chemical Slave-masters

The purpose of refining and processing foodstuffs is not to benefit your health; instead it is mainly to produce food that has a long shelf-life and is not desirable to bugs. Nutritious, whole foods will not sit on warehouse shelves for months or years without spoiling; but processed and refined foods will. But how much nutritional value is left in a food that even a bug doesn’t want to eat?

Now it came to pass that the food companies who do all this refining found they had a problem, after they removed all the natural nutrients from a food product, it looked and tasted like wallpaper paste; it was actually very similar. So who wants to eat the stuff? So they solved the problem by adding other refined substances and chemicals that cause persons to get addicted and crave the refined foods; the basics are salt, sugar, and fat; but then in the last fifty years or so, countless chemicals for flavoring, preserving and coloring have been invented and added to the mix, creating foods that cause the eater to crave more and more of it, even though it is almost useless, or actually harmful to the body. No longer do we eat because we are hungry; we eat because we are craving and addicted to the chemicals, sugars, salt and refined fats that are added to the processed foods.

Especially in the last decade or so, the food industry, has recognized that more and more people are choosing Veganism, and they are not slow to capitalize on this fact. (These guys never miss an opportunity to make a profit!) You can buy Vegan substitutes for almost any item on the Standard American Diet (SAD). But highly processed meat and dairy substitutes are not the secret to health; they are only marginally better at most, and not always, than the items they are imitating.

Now it is nice that there is this growing awareness of Vegan-ness, but it can be very deceiving for people who think these artificial imitation foods are the bottom line for a healthy Vegan diet, and so they simply lay down their meat, pick up the substitute and go on as before.

People, who believe that a Vegan diet is somehow grossly deficient, also assume that these substitutes are necessary, and are what really composes the vegetarian or vegan diet. If you don’t eat meat; you have to eat these things. So they make fun of vegetarians and their ‘rubber meat’ and think it far superior to eat ‘the real stuff’ than these counterfeits. In institutions that provide a vegetarian alternative, ‘Veggie-meat’ is usually all they know how to offer.

There is some question about whether imitation meats and dairy products are at least a good step away from animal flesh; and perhaps there is some truth to this. But if a person wants good health as well, this tradeoff is not the way to go, because they often have more chemicals and are more highly refined than the items they imitate. For example, while ice-cream is a nutritional disaster; full of sugar, chemicals and fats, Soy Ice-cream is also full of sugar, chemicals and fats; it is only lacking animal fat and pus and other contaminates of cow’s milk. Yes, it is an improvement, but far from ideal.

Can you have healthy ‘ice-cream’? Certainly! Try whizzing up frozen ripe bananas with some frozen mango chunks or berries in a Vita Mix or food processer; Yummy! Vegan! And chemical and refined sugar free! Simplicity is the key for a healthy Whole-Food Plant-Based Vegan diet.


  • There is nothing wrong with simple healthy food:

  • It can taste great

  • It can be filling

  • It can be interesting

  • It can be altogether satisfying

  • It can result in a happy stomach

Let me remind you of a simpler side of yourself. Think of the meaning of a big bowl of wholesome food to a desert traveler in ancient times. Tofu can be eaten directly with some added flavor; frozen peas don't need to be cooked. Fresh baked whole grain bread is yours without having to bake it; you can find the good stuff if you read the labels. A whole dinner can come from a cast-iron Dutch oven or a large crock-pot.

Don't be ashamed to eat a banana, an apple, a carrot, or a cucumber, or a bell pepper out of hand. Recipes? Meal planning? Perhaps, but it can be made so simple with little washing up to do. Who are you trying to impress? It is not hard for a tuned in vegan to prepare and enjoy a plain healthy dinner. Foods can be prepared and served simply and yet have taste and attractiveness.

“There is a class who seem to think that whatever is eaten is lost, that anything tossed into the stomach to fill it, will do as well as food prepared with intelligence and care. But it is important that we relish the food we eat. If we cannot, and have to eat mechanically, we fail to receive the proper nourishment. Our bodies are constructed from what we eat; and in order to make tissues of good quality, we must have the right kind of food, and it must be prepared with such skill as will best adapt it to the wants of the system. It is a religious duty for those who cook, to learn how to prepare healthful food in a variety of ways, so that it may be both palatable and healthful. Poor cookery is wearing away the life energies of thousands. More souls are lost from this cause than many realize. It deranges the system and produces disease. In the condition thus induced, heavenly things cannot be readily discerned.”  Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene 48.

Can Vegan Food be Harmful?

It certainly can; but not because of the absence of animal ingredients. There are many things refined and processed from plant sources, and while they would not be harmful in their original whole plant form, they sure are when they undergo processing and refining.  

“And you start reading the labels and you realize there's high-fructose corn syrup in everything we're eating. Every jelly, every juice. Everything that's in a bottle or a package is like poison in a way that most people don't even know..." 2008 article about First Lady Michelle Obama, published in The New Yorker. 'Catering to the Vegan'.

"it's not what we 'don't know' that hurts us; it is what we 'know' that isn't so!" Mark Twain.

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