Happy Healthy Secrets!

 Vicious Craving Circle

Yes it is true! All these harmful food additives create cravings that gradually widen and get stronger!

The person who starts using “just a little” of any one of them will gradually find him self using more and more and then branching out to the other parts of the circle until the poor, craving victim can no longer enjoy simple, natural, healthy food but must be striving to satisfy the unnatural cravings these harmful things have set in action in his body.

When he can no longer gain relief through these indulgences, he often resorts to tobacco, street drugs, prescription drugs “for his nerves”.  His health breaks down, he feels hungry and craving most of the time but only seeks more of the harmful substances he now calls ‘food’. He can no longer enjoy the foods that would nourish his abused body; What a pitiful slavery!

Behind the scenes his nervous system becomes depleted and exhausted from lack of nutrients and the constant presence of irritating stimulants. (All stimulants are irritating poisons to the body) His nerves clamor, he is tired unless hyped up by increasing doses of stimulants. His weight begins to skyrocket. His self esteem to plummet and he is loosing IQ, skills and abilities he once had.

To get him to see what is happening to him is often impossible as these things happen so gradually and they do not seem to be connected. If warned , he will usually reply, “Oh I don’t use that much [whatever]!” Or “It doesn’t bother me“. Or “My diet is pretty good!”

Parents make a dreadful mistake when they allow any of these things to come onto the table. The drunk wasn’t always a drunk, the road usually began right at the family table!

Friends, do you want to be irritable, angry, out of control, enslaved and live in an atmosphere of fights, quarrels, and such with your family? Who would want that?

Then take these vicious slave-masters out of your diet , off your table, and out of your home!!

You will find it hard at first but in a few weeks the taste will return to normal, and the nervous systems will heal.

Health will improve, and so will tempers!



Includes all hot peppers, hot sauces, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, mustard, horseradish, chilies, large amounts of ginger etc. These burn and scar the mucosa of the digestive system and interfere with nutrient absorption. They also destroy the ability to taste the delicate, natural flavor of food. They also affect the disposition making the user irritable, impatient and quick tempered!!

Substitute various herbs, onion and garlic.


Includes all pickles, relishes, catsup, most sauces in bottles, most salad dressings. These destroy the liver and also sour the disposition. Even 1/4 teaspoon of vinegar on a meal will seriously impair its digestion and promote fermentation especially of starches. It is not unusual for sclerosis of liver to develop in vinegar users even if they do not use alcohol.

Experiment with healthy condiments, Lemon juice, lime juice, garlic and onion in moderate amounts, nutritional yeast, various mild herbs. Also as one is freed from the addictive condiments you soon will be able to enjoy the natural flavors of whole foods.


Read labels, you will be amazed how many commercial foods contain sugar! Also if it contains ingredients with long chemical names, things you would not find in your own kitchen, then leave it in the store! Combinations of sugar and cinnamon are able to cause hyperactivity in children. It is a hard battle to kick the sugar addiction, but the benefits make it worth the struggle. Use foods high in Vit. B complex to overcome the hypoglycemia that sugar eating creates.

Substitute fresh fruit, honey, dried fruit, fruit juices.

 ASPARTAME (NUT RA-SWE ET) This product breaks down at 86% F to form Methanol, a highly toxic form of alcohol, and aspartic acid , a neuro-excito-toxin. It is highly addictive and also leads to overeating and craving for sweets.


Includes all flesh products; the worse being pork.

Flesh foods nowadays also have the additional hazard of animal diseases that can be transmitted to man, antibiotics in the flesh from the feed of the animals, and sex, and growth stimulating hormones fed to the animals. If the hormones fatten the beast, what will they do to your waistline? If flesh was a gross and dangerous article of food 100 years ago, it is a lot worse today!!

Cheese also contains the addictive substance tyramine, like caffeine, it is addictive and also interferes with proper function of the brain cells.

Substitute whole grains, legumes, raw nuts and seeds, some tofu can be used as well. If you soak and sprout whole grains and legumes a couple days and then cook them, it increases the nutrition and the flavor!


There is the obvious side to this subject but also a less obvious one.

Combinations of milk and sugar such as ice-cream, ferment and produce alcohol in the blood!

Sugar and refined flour products such as cake and doughnuts can do the same.

Nu tra-swe et (aspartame) breaks down into a very dangerous form of alcohol in the body.

Caffeine is high in most soft drinks and has a terrible effect on the nervous-systems of our children!

Sweet cereals with all their chemicals and refined flours create alcohol in the stomach when eaten with milk!!

Fried foods, because the fat interferes with digestion also tend to ferment and putrefy in the system causing alcohol and other poisons to enter the blood.


1. Realize that you need help to be set free. (John 15:5; Jeremiah 33:3).

2. Know that God desires to provide this help to you (Isaiah 41:13).

3. Acknowledge your need and your willingness to come to God and fully cooperate with Him in causing a complete change to happen in your life (Matthew 11:28-30). It is vital that you not live in a state of denial. Acknowledge to God, verbally, your condition and need. Ask Him to give to you a change of mind about habits. Addiction is not to be your master. This can only happen if you have a change of mind (heart). Confess your sins and ask for release from the guilt and power of Addiction. (I John 1:9; Proverbs 28:13).

4. Ask for divine help to be set free from the habit (Matthew 7:7, 8).

5. Choose to believe that God will fulfill His Word to give you freedom from bad habits (Mark 9:22, 23).

6. Express trust in God and His promise to help you gain perfect freedom from the problem (Luke 11:13).

7. Act on your belief by making a commitment to live a life of self-control enabled by God’s power (John 1:12). It is not enough to be sorry. You must actively turn away from your former lifestyle (I Corinthians 9:24- 27).

8. Spend time fixing the Bible promises in your memory. These promises will bring power into your life when you are assailed by cravings. This is the weapon that Jesus Himself used when He was tempted on appetite (Matthew 4:4).

9. Ask for help in every time of temptation (Luke 18:1, 7, 8; James 4:7-9). (God is not wearied by our continued requests for deliverance.)

10. Express your joy verbally; thank God for helping you to control your appetite ("Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:4-7).