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Are you smarter that a rat? I hope so, but sadly it seems than many people in our present-day culture are not!

TEMKIT has told you many things about how to be 10 times smarter--Remember Daniel and his friends? Well TEMKIT also wants to tell you about things that can make you 10 times less smart--so you can stay away from them!

I am going to tell you about actual experiments that have been done with Rock Music. Now I want you to know that when we use the word ‘Rock’ to name this music, we are including all of this class of music: Rock & Roll; Hard Rock; Acid Rock; Rap; Rave; Thrash; Vengeance; ‘Christian’? Rock; Hip-Hop; Voo Doo beats; and all other types of syncopated beat music.

An interesting experiment was set up by a group of psychologists:

Two boxes were set up at a distance from each other; both had all the living amenities to make them desirable homes for rats.

These two boxes were connected by a tunnel. The rats were allowed to move freely between two separate but connected boxes.

There was only one difference in the two boxes. Bach music was played in one box and Rock music in the other.

Although the boxes were identical in all other conditions, the rats, of their own free will, spent all of their time in the Bach box.

Later, when the music broadcast into the boxes was changed around to the opposite box, the rats all left the rock music and moved into the other box.

Fact: Rats do not tolerate rock music. Tame (op. cit. p. 141).

A radio news broadcast recounted a story of a farm family who came home one day to find that a skunk had established a home under the kitchen floor. Shortly after this, a whole family of baby skunks was in residence. The farm family tried every means to persuade the skunks to leave, all to no avail. Advice of friends and even the county agriculture agent all proved useless. In desperation, the family turned a radio to a hard-rock station, set the volume at its highest level, put the radio by the entrance to the skunk's home and then left for the day. When the family returned that night, the skunks had gone and never returned.

Fact: Skunks will not tolerate rock music.

A true story is told of a farmer who had trouble with raccoons eating corn in the corn field. Finally, rock music was played in the corn field and the raccoons decided the corn was not worth the price and fled.

Fact: Raccoons do not tolerate rock music.

The author's husband had a conversation with an interior decorator who decorated Christmas trees in a store in Kansas City. It seems that the decorator had many birds in his home since he raised them to sell. However, the birds did not allow any rock music in the home, for they would become extremely agitated and noisy if rock music were played.

Fact: Birds do not tolerate rock music.

Rats, skunks, raccoons, birds and plants do not tolerate rock music. The conclusion is that the only being who can be found who tolerates rock music is man.

After her research with plants in which rock music killed the plants, Tame, (op. cit. p. 143) Retallack's conclusion is that "if rock music has an adverse effect on plants, is the rock music listened to so long and so often by the younger generation partly responsible for their erratic, chaotic behavior?" And "Could the discordant sounds we hear these days be the reason humanity is growing neurotic?"

Fact: Plants do not tolerate Rock music.

Please folks notice that the EFFECTS of this entire class of music has nothing whatever to do with whether a person LIKES the music or not! The EFFECTS that have been shown in studies happen to those exposed to it—and ‘LIKE’ or ‘DISLIKE’ has no bearing on the effect to mind and body.

I may love food with poison in it; I may ENJOY that food; but sooner or later it will harm or kill me! Those who choose to eat garbage, end up eating garbage.

What effects have been shown in children and youth who are exposed or expose themselves to this music? Researchers, scientists having no particular regard to musical taste, are continuing to study music, including rock music, and its effects.

Took et al (1994, pgs. 613-621) found study results which indicated that adolescents who preferred heavy metal and rap had a higher incidence of below-average school grades, school behavior problems, sexual activity, drug and alcohol use, and arrests.

Robinson et al (1996) found that respondents scoring high on psychoticism or high on reactive rebelliousness enjoyed hard rock-music videotapes more than did their peers.

Strouse et al (1995, pgs. 505-521) conducted a survey of 214 adolescents which revealed a stronger association between permissive sexual attitudes and behavior and reported exposure to rock music videos.

Furthermore, Martin et al (1993) found that significant associations appeared to exist between a preference for rock/metal and suicidal thoughts, acts of deliberate self-harm, depression, delinquency, drug taking, and family dysfunction.

Another study, this time on the national level at the Department of Criminal Justice, by Stack (1998, pps. 388,394) at Wayne State University in Detroit, a link was found between heavy metal fanship and suicide acceptability. Stack concluded that the greater the strength of the metal subculture, the higher the youth suicide rate.

According to Tame (op. cit.) "research has discovered rock music to be bad for digestion, it is also dangerous while driving... (it) raises the blood pressure, it is bad for cases of pre-existing hypertension." In addition, mood and emotion are affected, tensions and inharmony of mind are increased. Not only the body, mind and emotions are affected, but even the subconscious."

One study on rats forced to listen to Rock, Thrash and Rap, was discontinued because the animals got so violent they killed each other.

It has also been demonstrated that quality classical music exposure increases intelligence and Rock Music exposure makes one Stupid! Yes stupider than a Rat! Also one scary study of the brains of mice exposed to this music showed the damage to the brain was literal and often irreversible!!! It literally turned them into morons that could no longer find their way through a simple maze to their own food dishes.

So are you as smart as a rat? If you are you will stay away from all types of Rock-type music, including any found in the church—if it’s there—WALK OUT! Your greatest treasure on earth is your MIND; only with a healthy mind can we hope to find salvation and a useful life and happiness with our families here on earth. Taste or culture has nothing to do with it any more than it does with an alcoholic.

Information taken from ‘The Lord is my Song’,
from research by music therapist,
Juanita McElwain: