Happy Healthy Secrets!

The Caffeine Crew

CHOCOLATE, COFFEE, TEA, COLA & many other 'soft drinks', especially 'energy drinks' all have Caffeine in them! Caffeine is very harmful to your body, nerves and brain!

Also; Whatever bad habit you may have; CAFFEINE makes it worse!

Using Caffeine is not only a Harmful Habit in itself, it makes it much harder to stop any other bad habit! Those in the know call it "BAD HABIT GLUE" as it sticks bad habits to you and makes it doubly hard to kick them. If you are trying to ditch tobacco, alcohol or other habits, do yourself a favour and throw out all sources of caffeine at the same time—don't let the 'glue' stick to you!

We know about Coffee and Tea but here's some sneaky sources of Caffeine:

Soft Drinks (POP) (12 oz. serving)

  • Mountain Dew 59

  • Tab 47

  • Coca Cola 46

  • Diet Coke 46

  • Shasta Cola 44

  • Dr. Pepper 40

  • Pepsi Cola 38

  • RC Cola 36

  • Canada Dry Jamaica Cola 30

  • 'Energy Drinks' like Red-Bull are Loaded!

SO what does Caffeine do to you?

First you need to know that it is a drug and it is addictive, or habit forming. It is just like alcohol or tobacco, once you get the habit, you want more and more of it and it is very hard to stop because your body gets all jittery without it.

This is why this happens. Caffeine has a terrible effect on the nerves and brain, it makes the body go faster even when it is too tired to go faster. It is like whipping a poor horse all the time to make it keep going. After a while, the horse will fall down and die because it is worn out.

When we use anything with caffeine in it, we are helping to wear out our body very fast. It also makes it hard for you to pay attention to things like your school work, and it makes it hard for you to even be able to sit still for a while and be quiet.

If you drink any pop that has caffeine in it, you should stop right away! You will miss it for a few days, you will feel you just have to have it; but just pray to Jesus and ask Him for strength to stop and ask Him to take away the bad habit.

Once you stop, you will feel better and your body can be much healthier.

In fact, you should stop drinking any kind of Soft Drinks. Why? Because even if it is one of the few kinds that doesn't have Caffeine in it, then it still has a lot of sugar in it and sugar is also very bad for your body as well.

Soft Drinks with caffeine in it does so many harmful things to your body, I could hardly write them all down! Cola takes away the calcium out of your teeth and bones. It makes your teeth rot and your bones easy to break.

It harms your stomach, your heart, and brain and nerves, and even your kidneys. It helps to give you rashes and pimples and make your skin sickly looking. The worse thing about it is how it bothers your thinking and how you act. Caffeine makes people impatient and irritable, easy to get mad!


So if sugar is real bad news, what about all the pop and gum and deserts that say they are sugar free and sweetened with Nutra-Sweet?

Worse news still!

Aspartame (NturaSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc.) is really a poison! It changes in your body into wood alcohol and formaldehyde, both deadly poisons!

It can cause seizures, spasms, shooting pains, numbness in your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, ringing in your ears, joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss. It can bring on terrible diseases like Lupus and MS which hardly ever get better.

Aspartame destroys the nervous system. If it says 'SUGAR FREE' or 'DIET' or has this symbol on it; (It won't say Brain Cancer; it will say Nutra-sweet) Then don't touch it!!

There are package drinks that contain an lot of these poisons also, Sugar-free Ko-ol-aid, and 'Cry-stal Lite' are real bad for your poor brain! Sugar-free gum and desserts should also not be used.

Now you want to say, if this stuff is bad for us, why do they get to sell it? It is because some chemical companies have a lot of money, and they can pay people enough that they will allow them to sell things that are harmful, so they can make more money!

Learn to drink pure water as our Creator intended, and do your body and mind a big favor!

That is why you have to study and learn about things for yourself. Start now, even when you are young, and learn and do what you find out is good for your mind and body. You will be glad you did!!