Happy Healthy Secrets!

Mary Wanna & Canna Biss

In many countries this substance that was formerly illegal is now legalized and people think it is harmless. this is not so at all! This is not so at all! Both Alcohol and Tobacco are ‘legal’ but they are far from ‘harmless’!

Nothing that can affect your thinking is safe to use. It is especially sad to see young people using it and acting so silly from the effect of this. None of us need anything that makes us more silly or foolish! Police say that they are seeing many more accidents and careless driving in connection with Cannabis use. Of course it is illegal to drive when 'impaired' but the big danger with this is a person does not feel impaired and yet his thinking may be off track.  

Smoking Marihuana [cannabis] can cause the lungs to get holes in them. there is an enzyme in it that can dissolve lung tissue. A friend of mine, her adult son was smoking and one day recently he got a pain in his chest and could hardly breathe! The mom took him to emergency and they managed to save his life, he has a collapsed lung! He was days in hospital with tubes in his chest and all sorts of stuff. He will always have a lung that is smaller and will not have full capacity to breathe as his did. It has many bad effects on the brain too.

The other thing you will want to know about Cannabis or anything that affect the mind; it make it very hard to understand spiritual truths. The Holy Spirit is our heavenly Teacher to help us learn, but these substances cause us not to hear Him. It is like turning off our receiver.

Now I also understand why folk do use these things, and it often comes from a sense of sin and guilt and of course when we do not know Jesus, we try to turn that off. These mind altering things turn it off; but they also prevent us from getting free in Jesus and being saved.

Years ago I had got into alcohol badly. I drank every day—wake up and go looking for a drink! I knew about the Lord, although I was not obeying Him. But one day I went to a pub and had a drink, then I prayed and said, “Lord, I refuse to have this anymore, but I can’t get rid of it myself. Please set me free of this in the name of Jesus!!” I never drank again, never had cravings, never wanted it anymore! This was many decades ago. The solid choice allows God to act for us and set us free. Jesus came to set the captives free! Praise the Lord!

All addictions are the same; they are sin, so we can go to the Lord and confess and ask for forgiveness and tell Jesus that you choose to be rid of it, but you can’t break free from it yourself. If you refuse to have it in your life anymore and make that determined choice, Jesus will set you free. Notice the points

1 Confess that it is a sin—ask forgiveness in the Name of Jesus

2 Admit you can’t beat it yourself

3 Make a determined CHOICE to be free of it, with the determined choice Jesus can act to rid you of it.

4 Do your part by praying and getting rid of the stuff and anything connected with it.

5. trust the Lord to do what He promised. “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36.

6 If you can’t yet make a solid choice to quit for ever—then tell the Lord ‘you are willing to be made willing’. And He will still help you from that.

People who use Marihuana will try and tell you it does not hurt you. This is not true, there is no part of your body that it does not affect in some way. It especially hurts your brain and your nerves, and if you smoke or inhale it, you certainly risk harming your lungs. 

Your Brain and Body are not toys to play with! Once they are ruined, you cannot have a happy or useful life any more. Don't let anybody fool you into using any of these things. It is not 'smart' or 'grownup' or exciting at all; it is just plain foolish!