Granny Reads:

True Angel Stories

I enjoy true stories about angels, don't you? I was looking over my bookshelves of old books for some to share with you. These are selected from a collection by Marjorie Lewis Lloyd. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! These stories are best for Teen to Adult level especially numbers15-21. Downloadable mp3s by Granny

01: It Must Have Been an Angel!

02: Now you see them.

03: Now you Don't.

04: Guards in White

05: In Times of Peril

06: Sometimes a Dream

07: Sometimes a Voice

08: Stand ins

09: Replay

10: Out on a Limb

11: Sometimes I Wonder

12: The Touch of Angel Hands

13: They also Care

14: Touching the Fringes

15: The Wonder of Commitment

16: The Clock Struck 13;

17: Only One Key; Thunder at 8

18: Credentials, Please

19: In the Lion's Den Again

20: When no Angel stays the Hand

21: Swords of Straw