Facts in this story are gathered from twenty years of research by  Joe Maniscalco who has traveled in thirty-five countries gathering information first hand. For every truth the Bible presents, there is a counterfeit. The purpose of this article is to unveil the counterfeit system of an evil power and present the truths contained in Holy Scripture.

1-   UFO!  




1:   UFO!

This is a true story investigated by the Condon Committee on FEBRUARY 13, 1968.

It was December 3.1967 2:10 A.M. in ASHLAND NEBRASKA.  It was a cold winter night on the outskirts of ASHLAND. HERBERT SHIRMER, a police officer, was driving his patrol car along a desolate road.

SUDDENLY SHIRMER SAW A FLASHING LIGHT BLINKING RAPIDLY OFF IN THE DISTANCE.  He thought he had better try to follow it. It settled on a distant hill. When he approached it, his car stopped and the lights went out. He was frightened as he saw some figures come out of the UFO and walk towards him.  It seemed like a weird dream!

SHIRMER seemed to be in a trance. He could not move. He looked at the figures and he saw a strange emblem on the left side of their chests. It was a A WINGED SERPENT!

There was a power about these creatures that was supernatural. He could not draw his gun or move; the things looked him over and then returned to the UFO and it took off, disappearing in the distance.

 The question arises, “Why a ‘WINGED SERPENT’ when there is no such thing as a SNAKE WITH WINGS?" If Herbert Shirmer did indeed see an emblem of a winged serpent, then we have a clue to reveal the mystery behind the U.F.O. movement.

The story that unfolds here is startling. The unveiling of the deceptions of an evil power that has come down through the history of the world and revolves around the legend of a WINGED SERPENT GOD. 

    2: Egyptian Mystery:

The Bible has a verse in ISAIAH 30:6 that gives a clue to the mystery of the WINGED SERPENT. Speaking of EGYPT it says, "From whence come the young and old lion, the viper and FIERY FLYING SERPENT."

 Why does this verse mention a Winged Serpent? Let’s go back in history to the year 1922. The place is the ‘Valley of the Tombs’ in Egypt.

Archaeologist Howard Carter had searched for thirty years for the tomb of King Tut. At last he was sure he had found the entrance to the tomb. It was the afternoon of November 26, 1922.

 In front of Carter was a door, believed to be sealed for 3,300 years! Carefully Carter chiselled at a corner of the door. His companion, Lord Carnarvon, peered over his shoulder. Bit by bit the hole widened.

Finally the hole was large enough to shine a light inside the dark tomb. Carter, with trembling hands, held a flashlight to the opening and turned it on.

After Carter widened the hole, both men peered into the tomb. The flashlight revealed one of the greatest archaeological finds in history.

Over 3,300 years had passed since this tomb was sealed with its fabulous treasure. Cautiously the two men entered the tomb. Both were silent as Carter’s trembling hand held the flashlight.

They saw huge-headed animals covered with gold. As the light moved, it revealed life-sized statues of men facing each other like sentinels before a sealed door. There were overturned chariots, glistening with gold. There was a mass of jewellery, artifacts, furniture, clothing and weapons. The men were amazed at what they saw. For dynasties this tomb was in darkness. Now its treasures were to be seen by mankind and its secrets revealed once again.

As Carter and Carnarvon entered one chamber after another, they gazed upon priceless treasures. A great mass of jewellery, artifacts, furniture, clothing, cosmetic kits and weapons made this tomb unique.

The burial chamber held the greatest treasure- The body of KING TUT. He was within three coffins. The innermost casket weighed over 2,000 pounds of PURE GOLD!

Carter discovered a hundred and forty-three gold jewels on the mummified body of the boy king. The coffins were so perfectly fitted together, a little finger could not be inserted between them.  But there was something else in the tomb that was a part of one of the strangest mysteries in the history of man.



Symbols are the universal language. Wherever you go you can find the same symbols in various cultures throughout the earth.


 In the tomb of King Tut, symbols are everywhere. The boy king had a golden casket over his body that preserved the features of the king. On the headdress, two creatures are beautifully designed. One is a vulture, the other a serpent.  Egyptologists (people who study Egypt) tell us that this represents Upper and Lower Egypt: but there is more meaning to these symbols. The serpent meant the GIVING OF LIFE and the vulture referred to death. The PHARAOH was said to have power over life and death!

  One of the golden amulets in King Tut’s tomb, pictures the boy king on his chariot. Behind the chariot was a snake with wings. This WINGED SERPENT was to protect the Pharaoh.


Two black boxes were found in King Tut’s tomb. In these boxes, two WINGED SERPENTS were housed. Beautifully made out of gold, they were significant in the belief of life after death. The Egyptians called these two Winged Serpents, "THE DIVINE SERPENTS", showing that they represented a protecting god. 

As the many discoveries came forth from King Tut’s tomb, the WINGED SERPENT was to be seen time after time in the tomb.

It is a marvel how many times the WINGED SERPENT was seen throughout the art of Egypt. The sun was considered to be the GREAT LIFE GIVER in the heavens and the serpent, the LIFE GIVER on earth. The wings represent the heavenly aspect of the gods.  

A human head on the body of a snake with wings is sometimes found. It is seen on a golden amulet found in King Tut’s tomb. In Central America, the WINGED SERPENT god has a human head on the body of a snake with wings as well, showing that these symbols are universal.

One of the greatest marvels of King Tut’s tomb, was his golden throne. Beautifully wrought in gold, the arm rests are made of two WINGED SERPENTS. Why would King Tut, the one that was worshipped as the son of the sun god and the life giver, have two WINGED SERPENTS on his golden throne?

For years our history books told the story of King Tut, dying of Tuberculosis when he was about eighteen years old. Recently scientists discovered that he was murdered, and his murderer’s name was 'AY'. The ironic thing about this murder is that the WINGED SERPENTS on either side of King Tut were to act as PROTECTORS for the king! They were like covering angels. (They sure didn’t do a very good job!)

It is a strange fact that man has believed a lie ever since the FALL in the GARDEN OF EDEN. The same lie has re-echoed down through the history of this world and people are still believing this SAME LIE, "YE SHALL NOT SURELY DIE." GEN. 3:4

Snakes with wings are found in many forms and in many ways in the art of Egypt. They were painted on caskets of the Kings and Queens.

 One remarkable picture of a WINGED SERPENT shows this snake with wings as a covering cherub over the god Osiris, the ‘Many Eyed One’.

WINGED SERPENTS were not only painted on caskets, the body of the serpent extended the full length of the casket.


  No one can deny that these pictures and carvings show a snake with wings. It is part of a gigantic riddle; clues to a universal mystery that revolves around a serpent with wings.

There are tombs in central Egypt that have pairs of WINGED SERPENTS on opposite walls. The serpent represented the life-giver and the body moving up and down represented the immortality of the soul.

Dragons are seen in the art of the world, yet there is no such thing as a dragon. Ancient Egypt was no exception. Egyptian artists painted WINGED SERPENTS WITH LEGS and called them DRAGONS. Not as numerous as WINGED SERPENTS or SERPENTS in general, yet they can be seen in the art of Egypt. Once again the question can be asked, WHY? 


Maya legends tell us that the WINGED SERPENT GOD came from an unknown country of the rising sun in a white robe, and he wore a beard. He was a lawgiver and taught the arts and sciences. When this god fulfilled his mission, he returned to the sea, preaching and teaching on the way, and boarded a ship which took him to the MORNING STAR. This WINGED SERPENT GOD promised to return. The legend was remembered and when Hernando Cortez, the Spanish Conquistador, landed in Mexico in 1519, he was thought to be the WINGED SERPENT GOD in his reincarnated state.

In the days of Cortez and Pizarro, Spanish ships carried a blood-red Maltese cross, the great SUN SYMBOL. The sun god was thought to be the sky-god by many cultures around the world. Mankind has always looked to the skies for the home of his gods and winged deities represented the heavenly aspect of the gods.

You can easily see why Montezuma, the Aztec king, was confused and thought that the Spaniards were the returning WINGED SERPENT GOD of the SUN.


 A great ship glides toward the shore. Its massive sails with crosses of red seem to have a spell on the natives. As the ship comes closer, they wonder if this is truly the WINGED SERPENT GOD that their legends  said would come from the east.

 The ship anchored in a bay. Hernando Cortez had sailed from Cuba to conquer Mexico for Spain. He and his men came ashore in small boats.

 The natives wondered what kind of beings were coming ashore. They saw that they were white men with clothing (the armour) glistening in the sun. Surely this was the return of the GREAT WHITE GOD, they thought.

 Eventually Cortez and his men were brought before Montezuma, lord of many kings. It was believed that his equal was not known in all the world. Montezuma knew the legend of the WINGED SERPENT GOD that would return to the earth as the GREAT WHITE GOD.

 As Cortez and his men came ashore they were prepared for battle, but instead the natives bowed down in a worshipful attitude. Surprised at these actions, Cortez wondered why the Aztecs acted in such a manner.

When taken to the palace Cortez and his men saw all the gold in the palace and decided to steal it and take it back to Spain! Montezuma looked at Cortez and wondered if this truly was the GREAT WHITE GOD? His question was soon answered.

History  tells of tremendous battles between the Aztecs and the Conquistadors this was the time of the Spanish Inquisition and both sides were skilled in methods of torture. During the heat of the battle, both sides took prisoners. But Cortez did not realize what was about to happen to his men captured by the Aztecs!

Forcing the prisoners up to their temple, the Aztecs made them climb the stairway with a movement similar to the motions of a SERPENT OR DRAGON. Upon reaching the top, the victim was stretched out on an altar and held firmly by several men. A drum continued to beat as the natives shouted their mystic chants. Then the priest took his ceremonial knife and cut out the heart of the victim.

Throughout the art of Central America there is evidence of human sacrifice. The cultures of Central America worshipped  the same WINGED SERPENT GOD found throughout the world. This god DEMANDED human sacrifice!   

  At one time there was a tremendous civilization in Central America. There are many ruins in this part of the world, the temples with their art tell a story that is to be found all over the world. Atop a number of these temples one can see a reclining stone figure called the CHAC MOOL. He was considered to be the life giver to the various cultures in Central America, on either side of the CHAC MOOL two WINGED SERPENTS can be seen. The mouths are open at the base, the body is the post and the tail is the lintel.  

At times human sacrifices were made to the CHAC MOOL and the heart of the victim was placed on a plate on the stomach of the idol. 


One design represented the Aztec DEATH SPIRIT. He was called KUKULCAN, THE WINGED SERPENT GOD.

 The WINGED SERPENT has many forms in the art of Central America at times it was shown with a man’s head, or even a man’s face inside the mouth of a serpent. Could this represent a power speaking through the SERPENT WITH WINGS?

 Ball courts were often located near the temples. Some were over 270 feet long. There were two walls about 27 feet high with two circular stone rings set 23 feet from the ground. Two WINGED SERPENTS extended the length of the walls. The art on the walls indicated that there were HUMAN SACRIFICES made to the WINGED SERPENT. It is interesting that sports have always been connected with heathen sun worship!

 The WINGED SERPENT GOD is frightening when one studies the art and legends of Central America. We can see in pictures the SERPENT WITH FEATHERS ready to receive the heart from a human sacrifice. All through the history of this world, the DEVIL working through his agents has demanded HUMAN SACRIFICES. It is no wonder that the DEVIL is called the DESTROYER in the Bible.

Outside Mexico City there are the ruins of a Toltec city called Teotihuacan. According to mythology, this city is the place where the gods came together to create the sun. Teotihuacan was the seat of one of the most advanced cultures of Central America. A temple can be seen in this ancient ruin that is dedicated to the WINGED SERPENT GOD. Dragon heads are situated throughout the temple. Once again the DRAGON and WINGED SERPENT are associated together.

Even the American Indian culture had a WINGED SERPENT in their religion. It is interesting that all over the world today, in our time, many Pagan and ‘nature-worship’ (witchcraft) groups are showing great interest in these old ruins. They are visiting them and seeking to learn their rituals; even holding ceremonies at them! They think there is some great power to be obtained by finding out what these ancient peoples did. This is another sign of the end times.

They do not stop to think that if there were such GREAT POWER in these horrible human sacrifices, how come these people are all wiped out today? We know why- God had to allow this wicked culture to be destroyed because of their cruel, bloodthirsty ways. Satan’s religion always brings misery and death— not real power!