Facts in this story are gathered from twenty years of research by  Joe Maniscalco who has traveled in thirty-five countries gathering information first hand. For every truth the Bible presents, there is a counterfeit. The purpose of this article is to unveil the counterfeit system of an evil power and present the truths contained in Holy Scripture.

4- THE VIKINGS 900 A.D.  




“The DRAGONS come! Flee for your lives! The DRAGONS come from the sea!”

 From out of the fog great DRAGONS seem to glide towards the shore; their evil mouths open as if to devour any victim in their path. With fierce shouts the VIKINGS approach land ready for destruction. They seemed to be driven with a supernatural force. . . The force of the DRAGON.

 It is not long before smoke rises from the village. Everyone and everything is destroyed. The spirit of the DRAGON has left his mark once again. 

 The wrath of the VIKING was terrible to see. Possessed with the spirit of the DRAGON, they destroyed everything! Also call NORSEMEN, or the Men of the North, they came from the area of Norway.

 After the raid, the VIKINGS left in their ships. Sword and flame left death and ruin in their wake.

 The VIKINGS returned to a land, awful in its grandeur. A land of legends, of trolls and of strange, fierce gods.    

When the VIKINGS completed their raids, they took off the DRAGON HEAD on their ships, and at times replaced it with a SERPENT'S HEAD.   

  A beautifully designed SERPENT'S HEAD, curled as if it were ready to strike, was placed on the bow of the ship. VIKING SHIPS could be identical at both ends. On the stern (back) a SERPENT'S TAIL was formed, very much like the head on the bow (front). This structure can be seen in OSLO, NORWAY in the OSEBERG MUSEUM.   

 As the SERPENT SHIPS moved on the waters, they were to appear to be alive. The bow of the ship had the head of a SERPENT, the stern of the ship was the tail of a SERPENT, the shields were overlapped like the scales of a SERPENT, and in ancient cultures, sails were associated with wings.

 Once again the question can be asked, "Why did the VIKINGS use a WINGED SERPENT and a DRAGON when there is no such thing as these creatures today?"    

VIKINGS were great travelers, and when not on raids, they went on trading expeditions. They traveled to many seaports in different parts of the world and were actually the first to reach America, landing on the coast of Newfoundland around the year 1000 AD. 

 As they visited the seaport cities, they heard the story of CHRISTIANITY.

Some of the  VIKINGS became converts, and returned to their homeland telling the story of the NEW GOD of the CHRISTIANS. Many of the NORSEMEN did not reject CHRIST, but gave Him a place in their new way of life. But somehow I think it was not the true Jesus, meek and lowly, that most accepted, but a Papal counterfeit. 

But many refused to abandon their NORSE DEITIES in favor of CHRIST. Finally a decision was made. The PAGAN GODS need not be given up, but could be followed along with the cross of ‘JESUS CHRIST’. 

 ‘CHRISTIANITY’ brought a new way of life to the VIKING. But the DRAGON was still dominant even though the NORSEMEN claimed to be CHRISTIANS. To show they were ‘CHRISTIANS’, the VIKINGS made the sign of the cross and built ‘CHRISTIAN’ churches.  On the eaves they placed the DRAGON. They made the shingles to appear like the scales of a DRAGON.

In a short time many churches were built. But always they had their PAGAN SYMBOLS, DRAGONS, SERPENTS, and signs of the SUN GOD. The many layers on the churches represented the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. These churches are very similar to the PAGODAS of the ORIENT. Most of the DRAGON CHURCHES have burned down, in that they were made of wood.  However, some still remain in SCANDINAVIA.  (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)

The carvings on the churches are a mass of twisting and turning patterns. If one looks closely, a WINGED SERPENT can be seen on the DRAGON CHURCHES. It is strange how often the DRAGON and WINGED SERPENT are associated together.

 The Dragon Ships- When the VIKINGS went to war, they used a DRAGON SHIP, the symbol of the destroyer.

The Serpent Ships- When the VIKINGS traveled and traded, they used a SERPENT SHIP. This ship had the head of a SERPENT in the bow. The stern of the ship was the tail. The shields were overlapped like the scales of a SERPENT, and the body of the ship represented the body of a SERPENT. The sails looked like wings- a Flying Serpent!


It is said in CHINA that the DRAGON is the king of all reptiles and a Divine animal. In the ORIENT it is believed that the DRAGON is able to call in the clouds and rains and make use of all things in the universe. In the minds of the Chinese people the FLYING DRAGON which is in heaven is created by "THE GREAT." 

DRAGON DANCES are performed at Chinese New Year in February. Some  DRAGONS, made of cloth or silk, are very long, measuring well over 100 feet!

 Generally, a DRAGON is divided into 24 sections, symbolizing the 24 Seasonal divisions of the year. Those carrying the DRAGON move together, up and down. The noise of gongs and the thunderous explosions of firecrackers make one wonder if this festival has a deeper meaning than even the oriental people realize. Could it be that this represents a war in heaven such as we read about in the Bible in REVELATION 12? Remember that China is the oldest country on earth and was set up as a nation soon after the flood.   

 The DRAGON can be seen throughout the Orient. DRAGON SHIPS are used in their festivals.  The VIKINGS had DRAGON SHIPS as well. Isn’t it strange how often the DRAGON can be seen throughout the world and there is no such thing as a DRAGON?

  A temple in BANGKOK, THAILAND, houses a BRONZE BUDDHA. Buddha was considered to be the ENLIGHTENED ONE: His aim was to liberate all things from the endless cycles of birth, death and re-birth that the Pagan religions believed in. BUDDHISM has a powerful influence in the far east and all over the world. 

The BRONZE BUDDHA in THAILAND has TWO WINGED SERPENTS, one on each side. By many, BUDDHA was considered to be the LIFE GIVER in the Orient. It cannot be a mere accident that in Egypt the Pharaoh, considered to be the LIFE GIVER, had WINGED SERPENTS on either side of his throne. In Central America, the CHAC MOOL, the LIFE GIVER, had a WINGED SERPENT on each side and in the Orient we find the same thing!

 The BRONZE BUDDHA, THAILAND, BANGKOK has the WINGED SERPENTS. The heads are at the base,  the tails come together over the head, and the wings are in the form of a crescent moon at the shoulder.


What is the answer to the MYSTERY of the DRAGON and the WINGED SERPENT? The Bible gives the answer in REVELATION 12: 7-9:

"And there was War in HEAVEN: MICHAEL and His ANGELS fought against the DRAGON: and the DRAGON fought and his ANGELS, and prevailed not: (did not win!) neither was their place found any more in HEAVEN. "

"And the GREAT DRAGON was cast out, that old SERPENT, called the DEVIL, and SATAN, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him."

Here we find the symbols for the DEVIL, being a DRAGON and a SERPENT. When the DEVIL is pictured as a SERPENT, he is sly and sneaky. When he is called a DRAGON, he is a persecutor. In the last scenes of this earth’s history SATAN will certainly be like a DRAGON.

REVELATION 12:17 says:  "And the DRAGON was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, and have the TESTIMONY of JESUS CHRIST."

 But what is the answer to the mystery of the WINGED SERPENT?  

The story is told in the BIBLE of LUCIFER. He was honored of God and called, "SON OF THE MORNING." He was first of the COVERING CHERUBS and was holy and undefiled. He stood in the presence of the GREAT CREATOR, and the beams of Glory from the ETERNAL GOD, rested upon him. 

He was full of wisdom and beauty. EZEKIEL 28:14,15 says, "Thou art the ANOINTED CHERUB that covereth: and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of GOD; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou was perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created."

 "Thou hast said in thy heart, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. . . I will be like the MOST HIGH." ISA. 14:13

 He stirred up rebellion in Heaven, going around to the other angels with lies and telling them, "God has been unfair to all of us. Make me your leader and I will give you greater honor and power than you now have. Many angels have accepted me as their NEW RULER."


 So it was that LUCIFER, "THE LIGHT BEARER," The sharer of God’s Glory, became SATAN, "THE ADVERSARY," of God and Holy beings. One-third of the angels in Heaven followed his rebellion and WAR was the result.

No longer free to stir up rebellion in heaven, SATAN was cast to the earth. He decided to try and trick Adam and Eve. 


The TREE OF KNOWLEDGE which stood near the TREE OF LIFE in the middle of the garden, was to be a test of obedience. Adam and Eve were told they were never to eat the fruit from that one tree or they would die! 

 SATAN chose to use a beautiful SERPENT as his medium, so he could deceive Eve. The fruit on the tree looked very beautiful to Even, who had wandered away from Adam, and she began to question in her mind why God had told them not to eat it. Now Satan had his chance. "Yea, hath God said, ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?" he asked Eve in a musical voice.   

  What kind of a SERPENT was this in EDEN? Legends say it was a WINGED SERPENT. The primitive writing in the CHINESE language shows this. When you analyze the word-picture for ‘reptile’, you can see a snakelike body. Attached to the left side are 3 strokes that indicate feathers or wings. 

An inspired writer wrote: "SATAN chose to employ as his medium the SERPENT. The SERPENT was then one of the wisest and most beautiful creatures on earth. It had wings and when flying through the air presented an appearance of dazzling brightness, having the color and brilliancy of burnished gold." 

In the occult world today the story is told of a WINGED SERPENT that lived in the first Paradise. All through the ancient world when the SERPENT was pictured with wings in meant heavenly wisdom.  


By the way— can you guess where the idea of the MAGIC WAND and CROSIER come from? Not from a shepherd’s staff as some would like you to believe—They represent the SERPENT POWER. The idea came right out of the ancient BABYLONIAN MYSTERIES. In the pictures of King Tut you can see him with his crosier and wand. Any religion or belief that uses these things has its roots in PAGAN SATAN WORSHIP!

There is another place you can see a lot of dragon and serpent symbols, it is at the Vatican in Rome! Here is what ‘Vatican’ originally meant: Vatis=diviner; can=serpent; Vatican=the divining serpent.


    Although GENESIS 3 does not say the SERPENT had wings, it indicates another form of locomotion other than crawling. The curse for the SERPENT was "Upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life." GEN. 3:14. 

LUCIFER was one of the most beautiful angels in HEAVEN. When sin came through him, he was cast to the earth and the most beautiful became the most dreaded. The same experience occurred to the WINGED SERPENT.  

God’s throne is in heaven. On either side of the throne are the highest order of  ANGELS. At one time LUCIFER was one of these COVERING CHERUBS. When he sinned the DEVIL was cast to this earth, and ever since he has tried to duplicate the throne in heaven, on earth.

It is a marvel, how SATAN has used the WINGED SERPENT as a symbol of a COVERING CHERUB. Ancient EGYPTIAN paintings show a WINGED SERPENT with its wings outstretched over the god OSIRIS, the many-eyed god.

 The rock group "KISS" (KNIGHTS IN SATAN'S SERVICE) use a WINGED SERPENT in their act. Remember their title, "IN SATAN'S SERVICE" and his symbol the 'WINGED SERPENT'.

 The movie "STARSHIP INVASIONS" had this sentence in its advertising, "Forced to seek a new home, the legion of the WINGED SERPENT has selected planet earth."

Watch out for things that use the SERPENT, the WINGED SERPENT or DRAGONS as symbols or decorations or part of a story. DRAGONS as real animals—do not exist— they are not real. But the BEING who uses them as his symbol is real!

The power that they represent, is not our friend! It is a deceitful power, appearing fascinating and beautiful, but bringing death and destruction, just like we saw in the VIKING RAIDERS, the MAYAN SERPENT-SUN WORSHIPPERS and we are told about in the BIBLE.

If whatever religion or practice you are involved with uses DRAGONS or SERPENTS as symbols or associates them with good: then you know it has its roots in the pocket of the FALLEN ANGEL, LUCIFER, who made a DEVIL out of himself and is pledged to destroy all good. Get out of there fast! And don’t look back!