I want to explain here that there is NO POWER in man to do 'magical, supernatural things! It is the belief that there lies in the mind of man, some secret, untapped power that is akin to God.

Where did this idea come from?? Straight out of the Garden of Eden and Satan's first lies to Eve— 'Ye shall not surely die' and 'Ye shall be as Gods'. It's nothing new— it's been with us since the fall. Spiritists and Pagans claim their religion is ancient—it is—but there is something MORE ancient yet! It is God's TRUTH!!

It is through this idea that people can somehow learn secrets that give them super-human power that is behind all the pile of clap-trap that falls into the category of spiritualism. You see something that is clearly supernatural; you are told that the person involved has the 'power', and that he learned it and you can also. Thus you are led into closer and closer contact with demon powers; you may get your so-called 'power', but you soon learn it is a fickle power indeed.

In fact, real witches and spiritualists usually practice types of fraud as well as their actual spiritism activities. Why? Because demon spirits do not perform on cue and people paying money to consult these spiritists want to see something happen. Madam Blavatsky use to have rigs in her garden and house that would cause a dummy 'ghost' to move into sight and then vanish into the bushes.

But don't take the opposite course and think that it is all fraud. There is power but the power is not in humans it is from demon spirits!!

You can take courses and practice and meditate and read ancient books of spells and boil up blood and herbs into potions and stare into crystal balls and do ceremonies and rituals, and offer sacrifices, and — do I need to go on? It is all BUNK!! Nothing will happen unless a demon spirit decides to do it for you. and remember, they are the ones in charge, not YOU!

Witches learn all kinds of silly incantations and drawing symbols and stuff for so-called 'protection' from the forces they think they control. They don't mean a thing. Satan delights to play games with people, and he will let them think they are in charge.

This holds true for 'magic' charms, good luck items, crystals, idols, magic numbers, words, stones, jewelry, skulls, bones and so on. None of these things have any power in themselves. If any power is demonstrated, it is coming from evil angels and its purpose is to deceive and ensnare.

He likes to play both sides against the middle—that is a 'wicked' demon with be 'held in check' by a 'friendly' demon. (Sometimes they claim to be guardian angels). It's only a charade, and the people are the dupes. One lady was led deep into satanic misery by thinking she was helping the 'spirits' of little children who had died and needed help to find their way to heaven! Those 'little children' were in actuality vicious demon powers.

At times a person will just 'discover' on their own that they have 'special powers' or a 'gift'. Something like channeling, psychic awareness, telepathy or what-not. This is demons offering you some sample bait, in hopes of luring you into their power. Even children can experience this— but always they have been exposed to fantasy, hypnotism, spiritist reading (such as Harry Potter books) Halloween or something like that.

If you find yourself with a 'power' like this, flee to the Lord, and pray for protection and that the 'power' be removed. It is NOT part of you - it is a demon spirit. There are NO hidden powers of this sort in man's mind. Don't fall for the cheese on the rat-trap.

One of the things that nearly all spiritualism has in common is some form of trance initiation. Here are some methods of inducing trance:


  • Repeating a word over and over again

  • Repeating a nonsense set of words that you are told to repeat

  • Hypnotism

  • Repetitive sounds

  • Repetitive sights

  • Whirling

  • Holding your breath

  • Taking hallucinogens (mind drugs)

  • Listening to wild, senseless music  

Remember that any type of 'trance' or 'transcendental state of mind' allows demons to place thoughts in your mind, control you and even posses you.


Modern spiritualism is disguised under many names: parapsychology, channeling, occult sciences, clairvoyance, spiritism, witchcraft, wizardry, spiritual healing, hypnosis, magnetic healing, Silva mind control, yoga, mind dynamics, bio­feedback training, psychic phenomena, etc.

Yes, many things that are considered just 'good exercise', 'self-improvement' , 'self defense', 'relaxation techniques', 'self esteem therapy', much 'holistic healing', NLP, 'counseling' techniques, 'medical. hypnosis, and on and on.

We find it in children's books on fantasy and magic, in courses in schools or YMCAs, seminars of 'positive thinking and salesmanship', indeed, we are surrounded by spiritism in its many faces.

Upon first encountering it, people sense that a superhuman power is present; and, fascinated, they dabble with it—until they are controlled by a will stronger than their own. You do not want anything to do with it!

Those who don't quickly become 'controlled' by these forces, often experience the idea that there is something really wonderful to be learned just around the corner, as it were. 'Real Power' that they are sure they will have if the just keep studying, keep attending or keep following the various instructions given them in seminars, and workshops. They are sure that the teachers of theses things, have that coveted power and a wonderful life— it is only a lie, they do not, and many live in a walking nightmare of demon harassment and enslavement.

Always led on and on, like a donkey following a carrot, hung on a stick in front of him. I heard one new-age person say she had attended hundreds of weekend seminars over a period of three years, always feeling that this next one will really have the answers; but all she had for all her wasted time and money was a broken up marriage, depression and frustration.

Demons have a thousand ways to terrify and torment those foolish enough to come under their control.

Just a word here in regard to the many forms of Martial Arts: We are here dealing with another subtle form of spiritualism. There is a certain degree of strength and skill that can come from technique and training, but all Martial Arts Masters will tell you that the highest levels are reached only through meditation. Why is this? Because the higher levels are attained through the power of demon spirits, not the person himself.

When you see a martial arts master wave his hand at someone across the room and he staggers back from a blow—this is spiritualism. And no one can tell just where the physical development leaves off and the spirit power takes over—it is all too blended together.

Many are taken in by the claims to high ideals and noble purpose made by Martial Arts propagandists. But the sentiments are all spiritist ones. They claim to teach respect and self control, but the fruits that come from such training are selfishness and pride. There is 'respect' of a kind, you 'respect' those more skilled than you are, if you know what is good for you! It is all just another flavor of demon trap bait. Someone who wouldn't dream of studying witchcraft will swallow the same theories in Martial Arts.



Satan and his nasty angels have the power to cause people to see thing, and hear things and feel things that are not really there. Sometimes they do it by appearing in a form of an animal or a human. This is how people are led to believe that they can talk to their dead friends— the fallen angels appear in the form of the dead person, and sound and act just like that dead person.

But sometimes they use a power to affect human minds that are not guarded by staying close to Jesus. This power is called hypnotism and takes many forms.

Pagan worship and hypnotism have always been closely connected. Priests of ancient Egypt would induce a state known as "temple sleep;" during which time they would perform operations. Most of us have read about the trance-like ritual dances that pagan worshipers perform.

In Africa, men will run through hot coals and their feet will not be burned. Kata Ragasu and Sasa Rora, na­tive Adventist pastors in the Solomon’s, told of how men would swim from island to island across the open ocean. They would do so by calling upon the spirit gods to send a shark. Grabbing hold of its fin, they would be pulled along to the next island. Elsewhere in the South Pacific, workers of magic would wave their hands at storms and they would cease.

Incantations and peculiar trances occur. Men in India lay on beds of spikes for years without injury. A woman in India will sit before cobra snakes; both darting back and forth, until the woman her apron flecked with cobra venom, suddenly darts forward and kisses the cobra on the mouth.

Several years ago, I related a story I found in a book about 1980. The author, a tourist, was walking on a street in India, when a nearby man, with a boy beside him, hollered to the crowd that he was going to do something very special. The people gathered near, and this tourist decided he would film the entire procedure! Setting up his camera, he shot the entire sequence.

What he saw was this: The man took a coil of rope from his shoulder and threw it down on the ground. Then he reached down and grabbed the end of the rope and threw it up into the air. Up and up it went, and then hung there suspended from nothing.

Then, turning to the boy, the man told him to climb the rope. As the people craned their necks, watching in awe, the boy climbed to the top of the rope. Then, the man took a long, sharp knife and climbed up the rope after the boy. Reaching him, he cut off the boy's head, and the boy fell to the ground! The tourist was horrified. All the while, his camera was faithfully recording it all.

Then the man climbed down the rope, and reaching down to the dead boy, pulled him up-and instantly he was made whole, fully alive and unharmed. Everyone in the crowd around cheered, and money was thrown to this "holy man." Then the crowd dispersed.

The author of the book was eager to return home to America so that he could develop the film. He had re­corded the miracle-working power of India on 16 mm film. When the film came back, he projected it onto a screen. And this is what he saw:

The man called to the people, with the boy alongside him. Then he reached down and threw the rope up in the air, and it went up a short distance-and then fell to the ground. After this, as the man and the boy stood there quietly by the fallen coil of rope, everyone around them in the crowd stared at things not there. Intently, they looked up Quickly, and then twice slowly stared at some­thing not there moving upward.

Comments and gasps could be heard; then a cry of horror. Finally, all eyes turned toward the man and boy, unharmed, standing there together and everyone shouted. They smiled in return, received the money thrown to them, picked the rope off the ground and walked away.


Stay away from all things about magic and witches – it is not funny but dangerous! God will protect from the devils if you will yield your life to Him and trust and obey the Bible. But if you go seeking for the devils, you will be caught and captured.

A young Fijian woman living in Winembuka, about sixty miles from Suva, whose grandfather had been a devil priest, decided she would try to contact the power with whom he communed. This was to be just a bit of fun, or so she thought.

Unknown to her parents, she went to the edge of the village and tried to summon the spirits. Soon the villagers realized the woman was regularly doing it. Her parents, which were Christian, tried to dissuade her, but she would not listen to them. She said the being she spoke with appeared in the form of a great green snake. But it spoke as a person would.

Eventually, the meetings became so gruesome that she realized she would be destroyed if she continued. She was face to face with a terrible power.

One day, she totally turned her back on it—and refused to go out and talk to the snake. A few days later, she fell to the ground, possessed by demons. In desperation, her family sent for their minister. By the time he and two other ministers had arrived, the girl had been laying on the ground for three days without eating or drinking.

When they tried to speak to her, she would scream at them, as though she were a wild animal. The men prayed earnestly. Then they ordered the evil spirits to come out of her.

Immediately, she turned toward them and glared like a cornered animal. Then she dropped to the floor; and, stretching out full length with staring eyes and frothing mouth, she crawled across the room toward them, slithering like a snake. Then she stopped and went limp.

They bathed her face with water, and she sat up. "Where am I, and why are you here?" she asked. Then they told her what had happened. Turning to her parents, she asked forgiveness for her defiance of their counsel. Then, all together, they thanked God for casting out the evil spirits.

Never, never have anything to do with any form of spiritualism, even for ‘fun’!


Spiritism writers  use story-telling to help you exchange your beliefs and standards for theirs. Let me recount an Incident that occurred about 65 years ago, In the hope that it will help you fear to abandon Christ Jesus—for any Immediate emotional benefits offered by the Spiritist hypnotists.

Once there was a man who had a pet snake. For our purposes here, the superhuman strength of the snake will represent that supernatural power which so fascinates men that they keep playing with it, until they are lured on to disaster.

What would the man represent? The spiritist-hypnotist himself, who in working with the snake is inevitably under the control of forces which he imagines he is controlling. The man would also be other people that he brings under his control. All of these people were at first curious, but later fascinated by the exhibition of what is obviously a more-than-human power at work.

This is a true story. I read a brief mention of it over twenty years ago. Back in the 1920s, there was a man who had a pet snake. It was a little python. People warned him against snakes, but he was intrigued by those slithery creatures.

"No." he said, "if you feed a snake and care for it well, it will respond with gratitude and appreciation. It will be your friend, and will grow to be your servant. not your master." The man played with his snake, fed it carefully, and, as snakes will, gradually it grew larger.

Because people were amazed to see a man playing with such a large snake. the man decided to give exhibitions of what his snake could do. While the people watched, the man would enter the cage of his servant, this powerful creature which obeyed his command.

At the call of its master, the snake would crawl over to him. Then, gradually, the snake would slowly coil itself about the man. First his legs, then his trunk and arms. People were astounded as they watched such a powerful force under the control of a human being.

At a word from the master, the snake would coil about the man; at another word, and the snake would slowly un­coil again. The man was delighted at the great power that he lived with, a power, which was subservient to him. The more he fed it, the more he cared for it, the larger it grew. Until it was immense.

After several years of giving these exhibitions, one day, as the people watched, the man entered the cage and called to the snake.

At the sound of his voice, slowly the mighty creature began moving. Unwinding its massive coils. it gradually slid toward the man, and one by one, began wrapping them about the man.

Higher and higher it wound itself about the man as he stood there, until this great force enveloped the man and only his head could be seen.

The people were awed at this exhibition. This man was in control of more-than-human power. Some of the onlookers probably wished they could control an outside power of such massive proportions.

But then, as the onlookers watched in horror, the snake suddenly tightened its coils. Amid the sound of breaking bones, the people screamed, and strong men rushed forward in an attempt to hack in pieces the hulking form of the snake.

But it was too late. Between its coils was its friend; the broken and crushed body of its master.

The man had been right. There is no doubt but that su­perhuman strength was to be found here. This was what at first fascinated him,—an ever growing, ever more-than­human strength. But, erelong, an even greater fascination gripped him: the possibility of his controlling that power!

But the man had also made several serious mistakes, mistakes that cost him his life:

1 - The power did not belong to him, but to the snake. It was the snake that made the decisions, not the man. Whatever the man was able to do with the snake's strength, was only because the snake for a time let him do it."

2 - The snake was no friend. Snakes never are. They have no affection nor loyalty toward mankind. They have no sense of morality, honesty, or justice. They never will.

3 – Yes, here was immense power. But it was power under the control of another mind, not the mind of man. The man could use that power for his own purposes, only as long as the other mind permitted it.

4 - That mind belonged to an enemy, one who hated mankind. An enemy, who, whenever it wished, could use that power to destroy those who came near it.

5 - The more the man learned how to use that immense force for his own advantage, the more subservient he became to it. As the snake grew stronger, he in comparison became weaker, and less able to "resist it.

6 - The man could only use that power by unconsciously submitting his own body to it. He thought he was controlling that massive power, but in reality, it was controlling him.

7 - Each day as he played with it, that power grew in size and strength, until it became an overmastering force.

8 - The man was not playing with the snake; the snake was playing with him. Whenever it wanted to, it could turn on him and destroy him.

Eventually it did just that. The only real power in spiritism is Satan, 'that old serpent, the devil', and anyone who thinks he can play with that power or control it— is mistaken and will find out too late—when it destroys him!  


There are so many things in our world today that are spiritualism, that we could never name them all. I don’t think there is one single person today who is not being influenced or affected in some way by it. It is even in our schools and churches. Like the nasty frogs of Egypt, it is swarming everywhere.

I want to tell you what is the foundation that Satan uses to trick people and snare them in all these spiritualism forms. It is the same 2 lies he told mother Eve way back in Eden— 'Ye shall not surely die' and 'Ye shall be as Gods'. It's nothing new— it's been with us since the fall.

The first one lets him pretend to be dead people and fool us, and lets him tell us we are going to live forever or have many new lives and things like that. This causes us to be careless and let our short life slip away without getting our hearts ready for the judgment.

The second one lets him tell us that we have some special powers in our minds that we can learn to use, that let us do wonderful magic. He tells us we can make things float through the air; or leave our bodies and go traveling through time, the world or universe; or cause something to happen just because we want it to happen; or see and hear things that are happening a long way away and send messages to other minds (telepathy); or to be able to cast spells that help or hurt other people.

Most people who get into these things fool themselves by thinking that they can learn these ‘powers’ and then use them to ‘help people’. There are no real powers to learn, it’s all just the power of devils, and Satan never helps anyone; unless it is just so he can use them to destroy others.

It is all a lot of garbage! You need to know the truth right now! There are no special, hidden powers in any of our minds. If it seems that some person can do amazing things, it is only because Satan and his angels are doing it for them.

Then Satan likes us to think that idols, and crystals, and stones, and candles, and good luck charms and so on have special powers for us to use. Nonsense! Again these ‘special powers’ only happen if devils cause them to happen, the things have no power at all. Spiritists also make long journeys to go to special places for power - no places have special power – it is only a trick.

The same with special words, or ‘magic spells’ certain positions or exercises, ‘secret’ numbers, cards or shapes; people can spend years and piles of money, taking lessons, courses and studying and learning all kinds of stuff thinking that they are going to have real power through it; but all that happens is that they end up being a slave to Satan and they don’t find out the truth until too late. It is only Satan’s games that they have been playing, he doesn’t play fair; and he plays ‘keepsies’.

So dear readers, I want to tell you the secret that few in this world now know— you don’t have to be afraid of all this stuff; it has no power to harm even a little child who stays close to Jesus.

Don’t waste time, money or effort on any kind of magic or supernatural powers. The Bible makes it clear not to seek them or be interested in them; they are really only the cheese on Satan’s rat-trap. There’s only 2 powers; God and Satan; and you know Who is stronger, don’t you?

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