Special note: In chapters twelve through eighteen, and again in twenty-one, several brief incidents are mentioned in which students encounter problems due to their having delved into witchcraft. Each one of those experiences is based on an actual event which has happened in real life. The only difference is that, in this book, the problems are quickly solved; whereas, in real life, people may suffer for years with depression, anxiety attacks, demon possession, and insanity.

By this time, news of the strange course was being talked about more and more on campus. Ms. Centaur was now telling the students to memorize formulas from her spell book. Some did so while others didn’t. A number of the students were experiencing depression.

Then, in the girls’ dorm, one girl had an anxiety attack, followed by a second girl down the hall.

After this, a girl fell unconscious in the hallway at Chaffee Hall, but the nurse managed to revive her. By this time, some of the students were becoming frightened.

“I’m done with it,” said Peter.

“I’ve made my decision too,” chimed in Skip.

The two boys, just returned from the latest class, were so agitated they hardly noticed two squirrels munching seeds.

“What’s up?” asked Larry, wondering whether, amid the growing pressure, they had abandoned him.

“We’re not going to that class anymore either,” said Peter. “They can kick us out, if necessary. We’re going to stand by the Word of God!”

“I’m so thankful to hear that!” exclaimed Larry. The three shook hands and agreed by a solemn compact that they would carry this through to the end.

That afternoon, Larry was in the campus store, purchasing something, when he heard a scream in the other part of the building, which was the café. Larry ran through the open doorway connecting the two.

A girl was sitting in a chair at a table, with several people around her. She could not seem to move or even speak. Nothing seemed to arouse her.

Quickly sizing up the situation, Larry dropped to his knees by the girl. The others standing nearby, sensing the seriousness of the situation, also knelt and Larry began praying aloud. This continued several minutes and then the girl seemed to visibly relax. Soon, she was able to speak again.

“I was sitting here, trying to memorize the stuff from that class, when suddenly panic swept over me. I felt like my body was stiffening up. I can’t explain it. I just went rigid. I couldn’t move my mouth!” The thought of it still frightened her.

“But I could hear you praying,” the girl added. “And everything became all right when you prayed. The oppressive something seemed to leave. Thank you so much! Thank you so much!”

That evening, Larry began holding meetings in the boys’ dorm. Peter and Skip attended each one. By the third night, they understood the points well enough that the two of them together were holding their own meetings.

The next morning, a boy started shaking and fell to the floor in the library building. No one, including the school nurse, could arouse him. Running outside, a student saw Larry walking by and, remembering how he had helped the girl in the café, yelled to him to come quickly.

Rushing in, Larry told the growing crowd to stand back, so the person could have air. Then he got down on his knees beside the boy and began earnestly praying for God to deliver him from the demon.

This went on for about half an hour while students and teachers gathered awestruck about them. The boy aroused, just as a physician arrived.

They led him over to a library chair where he sat down. Then, in a voice that was still weak, he told them he had been memorizing the spells and practicing them harder than most anyone he knew.

Turning to Larry, the physician said, “I’m glad you were here. I’m not sure I could have helped him.”


The news quickly skyrocketed through the school.

In the cafeteria that day, Larry, Peter, and Skip found themselves seated with Barbara, Jenny, and another girl.

“What is this all about!” demanded Barbara.

Over the meal, Larry talked almost steadily and explained the whole situation, as he knew it up to this point. He explained the essential points of what spiritualism was and how it captures people.

By the time he finished, the cafeteria was empty, except for the six at that table.

“I’m going to share what you’ve told me all over the girls’ dorm!” announced Barbara. Larry knew she could do it, for she was great for talking. And whatever she decided to do, she did.

Jenny piped up, “And I’ll help.”

“What’ll you do?” asked Peter.

“I’ll keep her encouraged,” said Jenny timidly.

Everyone laughed.

“By the way, Larry,” said Barbara, “I’ve got something to tell you.”

“What’s that?”

“I really thought about what you said about not being afraid of the Bible, and now I am reading it every morning and evening too. Last week, I decided to be a real Christian. I’m tired of just being a put-on.”

“You have a big job ahead of you. What can we do to help you?” asked Larry.

“Let me phone you from the girls’ dorm when I need to refresh myself on some of those points.”

“I’ll tell you what,” said Larry. “This afternoon and evening I’ll type up my complete notes on this. It’s probably only a couple of pages in length.”

“Great,” said Barbara. “Will you include all those Bible verses you mentioned?”

“I sure will.”

“We’ll want copies too,” said Skip.

“Listen,” added Peter. “I’ve got a great idea. Give me one of those sheets; and I’ll take it to the library and run off several hundred copies, so we can hand them out in both dorms as we hold meetings.”

“Okay, that’s a great idea,” said Larry. “We have to hit this thing hard.”

“There’s a growing number who want to know what this is all about,” said Skip.

Having left the cafeteria, Larry was walking by library building, when a girl stopped him. “Some of the girls say that, after class was over today, Ms. Centaur privately promised that, if they would study hard, it would make them more beautiful. But, she said they must carefully follow her instructions.”

“She must be getting desperate,” said Larry. “That’s ridiculous. Look at every picture of a witch; they all eventually look hideous. Sallow faced, wrinkled, pitted skin; always with a mean look on their faces. There is no happiness in their lives, and it shows.”

Everyone laughed.

“Now I’m not saying she is a witch,” added Larry. “But she is teaching witchery; and misery is what comes to anyone dabbling in it.”

Larry was a good typist; and, by that evening, he had the information sheet finished. It filled two pages, front and back.

Looking up, he saw Skip and Peter replenishing the supply of seeds at the feeder.

“Okay, Peter,” it’s all yours, said Larry. “You’ll want to make copies and take half of them over to Barbara. Put hers in a file folder, and ask for her at the front desk. When she comes, give her the folder without saying much. We have to be careful what we do here, if we’re going to get through to all the students before we’re stopped.”

“Before we’re stopped?” asked Peter.

“Yes, before we’re stopped. You were with me when I spoke with Dr. Vandersleeve. We can expect him to try to stop what we’ve been doing. Besides, we’re illegal now: We’re no longer attending those required classes. It won’t be long, and word of this will reach his office.”

“And I should say this,” added Larry, “I’m sorry that there has to be secrecy and speed. We should always try to respect delegated authority; but, when we are defending God’s Word and trying to save souls, we must look to God and the Bible as the higher authority.”

At this, the three knelt and pleaded that the hand of God would be over them. And they rededicated themselves to carry this through, regardless of the outcome.

The meetings continued, now accompanied by handout sheets at the conclusion. 


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