The next morning, a student ran down the hall. “Larry, someone wants to talk to you, but he didn’t give his name.”

“This is a friend of yours,” said the voice. Larry knew it was Mr. Oliver. “Mr. Steger phoned me back and said this was a federal matter, since hard drugs were involved; and they are going to plant cameras tonight to gather more evidence and stake out the place, so they can follow incoming and outgoing trucks and track down connections. That will postpone the final raid for a time.”

“Good, that gives us a little more time to settle this matter on campus,” said Larry. “What we do, we must do quickly!”

“You’re right!” exclaimed Mr. Oliver.

The next afternoon, Larry stopped by the library. “Miss Stevenson, could we use the auditorium again tonight?”

“You surely may,” replied the librarian.

“And, uh, I need to get some copies made of this sheet I’ve just typed up.”

“I will have them made. How many do you want and when should I have them ready for you?” she asked.

“Enough copies for the entire student body, plus a few extra. I’ll need them by 7 p.m.”

“We’ll have them ready,” Miss Stevenson said with a beaming smile.

Once again, word went out that another meeting was to be held that evening after supper.

As soon as everybody was inside the auditorium, Larry had students hand out the sheets while he explained what they were for.

“If you have been injured in any way by effects from hearing or doing what you were told in that special class, please jot it down, sign and date it, and have two friends sign as witnesses to verify your signature. Then have someone in each dorm collect them and bring them back to me. We might need them later,” explained Larry.

It was agreed that another meeting would be held the next evening.

As Larry left that night, he asked Miss Stevenson to make additional copies and try to obtain written statements from selected faculty members she might think would be willing to provide them.

“Very likely, some of them will know more than they may be telling,” said Larry.

“I’ll do my best.”

By this time, only a few of the students were still attending the class taught by the three spiritualists. Instead of drawing everyone into witchcraft, the change in events had resulted in many students praying regularly who had never prayed before. A sizeable number of half-converted Christians decided it was time to really dedicate their lives to God. The bookstore had sold out the few Bibles it had. More that had been ordered kept arriving.

The following evening, before the meeting began, Miss. Stevenson told Larry she already had several statements and was getting more.

Students gave their written statements at the door as they entered. When the meeting started, several things were discussed. Then Larry gave them some new information:

“I’ve got something to tell you. As you know, we’ve all wondered about the strange names these three have. Well, I’ve learned a few new facts.

First, I learned that witches and wizards sometimes take the names of ancient pagan spiritualists, gods, or goddesses. You will also find this in witchcraft books, including the Harry Potter Series. A number of his characters are so named.

“Based on that discovery, I did some checking and discovered this:

“Circe Centaur is the name of the teacher. In Homer’s Greek legend, The Illiad, ‘Circe’ is a witch who can transform men into animals. ‘Centaur,’ in Greek mythology, is the name of a mythical beast with the head and torso of a human and the hindquarters of a horse.

“Draco Chaos is the name of the wizard in the village. ‘Draco’ is the ancient name for ‘dragon’—a large four-footed snake. According to ancient Oriental legends, unseen dragons guarded every heathen temple. ‘Chaos’ is the ancient Greek god of absolute confusion.

“Cliodna Vetala is the name of the witch that lives in the same house with him. ‘Cliodna’ is the name of an ancient Druid/Celtic goddess, who is still worshiped today by witches, especially those in what is called the ‘Wiccan Path.’ In Ireland, Cliodna is a legendary banshee who wails in delight when someone is about to die. Among Hindus, ‘Vetala’ is a demon that haunts cemeteries, disturbs dead bodies, and devours people.

“Just explaining the origin of the six names tells you a lot about how horrible witchcraft is, in all its forms!” concluded Larry.

“It sure does!” said several in the audience while others gasped at the meaning of those names.

“All this is too coincidental to be an accident,” said Larry. “Interestingly enough, five of those six names (all except Chaos) are also names of people in the Harry Potter books,” which are steeped in witchcraft.

Just then, a hand was raised and a student stood up. “The two ‘guest teachers’ out in the village are demanding that you come to their home and get this settled. They say you have this whole thing misunderstood.”

At this, another student stood up. “A number of us think you ought to do it, Larry. It seems this would help settle it for some of us. You quit attending that class before those two started teaching. Would you please go out to the village, meet them, and come back and bring us a report.”

Larry wasn’t sure he liked this idea. “I don’t like getting near witches; but, if I need to face them down so it will settle it in your minds,—I’ll do it!”

Then he added, “But I want this assembly to select ten people to go with me, as witnesses to whatever happens. I do not trust those people.”

Another student stood up. “Larry, that wizard has been bragging that he has a rare Sorcerer’s Stone, which no one can resist. The situation doesn’t sound good and a lot of us are worried. Just how powerful is this guy? I want you to know, Larry, that we’re concerned.”

After the meeting adjourned, Larry phoned the wizard and said he would be coming over the next afternoon.


Accompanied by ten students selected by the student body, Larry headed to, what he referred to as, the ‘witchcraft house.’ He soon found it to be so.

Knocking at the door, it was opened by a large man about 6 foot, 2 inches in height.

Larry thought to himself, “He sure has dressed for the occasion.” The wizard was dressed in black clothes with the usual wizard cape and turned-up rear collar. Behind him stood the witch, also dressed in black, with a turned-up back collar. Both had peculiar rounded black hats which came down to a point over the forehead.

Certain they had dressed this way to impress him, Larry thought to himself, “More of this shallow fakery, as if fancy clothes prove anything.”

“And who are you?” said Mr. Draco Chaos, with a look on his face intended to humble Larry into submission.

“Larry Grant; may we come in?” said Larry, ignoring that look.

“I had not expected a crowd. Only you can come in,” the wizard said with finality.

“Either we all come in or we’ll talk to you right here at the door,” answered Larry, with even more certainty.

“Well, uh, all right; please come in.”

“Won the first round,” thought Larry, as the group entered their living room, Larry sent up strong prayers to His Father to protect them all, guide his words, and show him when to leave.

Fortunately, the room was a large one, and there were enough chairs for everyone. Larry thought to himself, “They may use this room for ongoing meetings with other spiritualists.”

Everyone took a seat, but Larry remained standing close to the front. The wizard took his position at the front of the room. The witch stood to one side.

As Larry stood there, searching their faces, he saw not one hint of happiness on either of them. Both wore cosmetics to hide the dissipation brought on by years of selfish living.

“You will be seated, young man,” commanded the wizard.

“I will remain standing,” replied Larry.

“You will give me your attention, said the wizard. I have the power to give you what you want in life, if you will serve me.”

Amazed by the sheer audacity of the man, Larry replied, “I don’t believe you!”

Startled by this effrontery, Chaos demanded once again that Larry be seated.

“I will not be seated. You are a fake and so is that witch!”

“If you do not yield, I will cast a spell and overcome you on the spot,” cried the wizard, extremely angry now.

At this, the wizard began waving his hand hypnotically toward everyone there. He was especially trying to hypnotize Larry, certain that if he could succeed, the others would quickly be frightened into submission.

But Larry spoke up, “You can put your hand down, for waving it around accomplishes nothing. We came here to talk with you; and, instead, you try to hand our souls over to the devil.” And then, in a powerful voice, Larry added:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I call on the true God, the Creator God, the God of heaven and earth to protect us from your satanic arts. Trusting in Him, I defy you and all your devils. We are going to leave this witch’s den right now!”

Not a sound could be heard in the entire room. Even the wizard was stunned into silence.

At this, Larry turned his back on the spiritualists and said to the other students, “We are leaving right now. We have had enough of this. These people are charlatans!”

Peter, who was closest to the door, immediately stood to his feet. The others saw this as a signal to stand and begin filing out.

“Isn’t the air fresh out here? So much different than the stale air in that place,” said Larry. Others were in agreement. To stay was to be captured; to leave was to be free.

Larry had made a wise decision to leave as quickly as he did. Not even a Christian should dally in such places. It’s like going into a saloon or gambling den and lingering there.

“We’ve got to hold another meeting tonight,” exclaimed one of the students. “Yes,” said another. “We’ve got to tell them what happened here!”


That evening, another meeting was held in the auditorium. It was obvious that the president knew these meetings were being held, but he dared do nothing to stop them.

News had traveled throughout the campus, that Larry had confronted the wizard and the witch he lived with. Not only all the students, but most of the faculty came to this meeting.

One after another, students came to the podium and told what they saw in that house with the wizard and witch.

“I’m telling you,” said one, “I’ll never read another magic story in my life! I’m done. They’re all like what I saw in that place! All these stories of spooks and haunted houses and enchanted places only lead people to be more easily get caught later by spiritualism. We have to leave it all alone.”

“That’s right,” said Larry. “It is the lure of the spirit world. We dare not play with it. If we do, it’s like getting too close to the edge of a cliff. It’s easy to fall over the side. Stay away from the cliff!”

“Yes!” was heard from students throughout the audience.

“Stay away from witchcraft in all forms,” continued Larry. “If you have any magic books at home, including children’s stories of magic tales, throw them out!”

This night marked the end of attendance at the witchcraft class. The next day it was totally empty of students. Boiling with anger at being ignored by the entire student body, Chaos and Vetala marched over to the president’s office.

Immediately, the president issued an order to the entire student body. A meeting would be held the next night in the large Assembly Hall in Chaffee Hall. This was the largest auditorium on the campus. By order of the president, it was to be attended by the entire staff and student body.

As you might imagine, a lot of prayers were offered before that meeting. No one knew what to expect. Fortunately, by this time, there was a very large number on campus who were regularly praying and reading the Bible. Things were very different than a few months earlier, when the fall term began.

Larry thought it best to arrive early. As he neared the main entrance to the Assembly Hall, he noticed that a workman, who had been repairing a handrail on the side of the steps, seemed rushed.

Always anxious to help someone, Larry hurried over. “Can I help you?” he asked.

“I didn’t know there was going to be a meeting tonight, and I need to stow all these tools, along with other tools which are in my open pickup. I found I have a flat and no spare tire to replace it.” The man looked anxious. “Can you help me carry them in?”

“I’d be glad to help you,” said Larry. Going over to the vehicle, he picked up a couple heavy toolboxes, easily carried them through the entrance, and followed the workman down the hallway. Setting down their load, both went back for more.

“You have quite a few tools,” said Larry.

“I never know what I’ll need until I go out on a job,” replied the workman. “I live down the road apiece and contracted out this job. I’m not a part of staff here.”

“How will you get home?” asked Larry.

“I’ve phoned a friend and he’ll be here in a couple minutes, but he has a small car. So I have to leave the tools inside till tomorrow morning.”

With two hauling in the tools, it went quickly. Then the workman turned to Larry and thanked him profusely.

“Oh, that’s all right; it only took a few minutes.”

“Well, I want you to know I appreciate it,” the man replied, “If you ever need to use any of my tools, go right ahead.”

“Thank you,” said Larry.

As he walked from the hallway into the Assembly Hall itself, the thought came to mind that he should sit in the far back. So Larry slipped into an end seat by the center aisle. Rather quickly, this, the largest auditorium on the campus, filled with people.


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