Just then, the side door on the platform opened; and President Vandersleeve and Treasurer Silverton entered and seated themselves, one on each side of the podium in the center. Larry noticed that they both appeared nervous. No one, including Larry, paid any attention to a small table which had been placed on the platform in front of the podium. On it was something of uneven shape, with a drab cloth over it.

Rising to his feet, Dr. Vandersleeve went to the podium. “Students and faculty, this is an important occasion.” Larry noticed that he seemed to be clenching the sides of the podium more tightly than usual.

“We have a special speaker tonight.” With this, the president sat down.

The side door on the podium opened; and in walked Cliodna Vetala, followed by Draco Chaos. She walked to the far side of the podium, stopped, and stood facing the audience. Chaos stopped on the near side of the podium.

Aside from a few muffled gasps, everyone in the auditorium was totally silent. In the minds of many, the fears of witches and wizards, which they had so recently been trying to overcome, returned. Most wanted to run out of the room, but everyone sat silently.

Seeming to enjoy the dramatic moment, well-knowing it would help his objective, Draco Chaos began speaking.

“There has been some misunderstanding here of late,” he said soothingly. “You all know that Ms. Centaur, Ms. Vetala, and I have only wanted to serve you and provide for your best interests.”

Having said that he brandished what he thought was a smile, which to the students looked more like the smile of a wolf about to tear the flesh off his prey.

“We have encouraged you to read the very best in children’s fantasy books about faraway magical lands, knowing they would provide a wonderful doorway to the glorious new and hidden knowledge we wanted to bring to you.

“And you still have the opportunity to obtain this secret wisdom of the ancients. Like so many others, you will become wise.

“And wisdom such as this brings power, power which you can use throughout your future years.”

All this sounded so very beautiful, but the students had already seen some of the misery it brought. Several students had experienced a mental depression which they could not shake until others had prayed for them. Some were recovering from anxiety attacks. They now recognized that the “hidden wisdom” Chaos offered would only bring a loss of self-confidence and self-control, not an increase of it.

“And just now,” purred Chaos in a musical voice, “I want to help you regain your peaceful venture into the lost wisdom of the ages.” As he spoke, there was a cadence to his voice similar to that of a snake charmer in India.

Draco Chaos began moving his hands rhythmically as he spoke. Gradually, he moved closer to the table. “You should know that there is great power available to you, and I want to present it to you right now.”

“It will reach everyone in this audience, and no one will be able to withstand its peaceful embrace.”

At the back of the auditorium, Larry sat listening and earnestly praying. But he was not impressed yet to stand and challenge Chaos. “What should I do, Lord?” he cried in his heart. “What should be done?”

Just then Chaos reached down, with a sweep of his hand, and took the cloth off the object on the table.


Wheezing gasps could be heard throughout the room, as Chaos paused for effect and then continued to speak. There before them was a large, intricately carved stone.

“This,” said Chaos, “is the rarest of the rare, a genuine Sorcerer’s Stone. It is for you to gain power from. It can change you into new people.

“And below it is the Magic Amulet, equally rare,” he added.

The multicolored stone, in the shape of a bundle of serpents, nested perfectly on top of a broad white stone, carved into the form of a goat’s head, with the front of it showing the typical upside-down five points.

“I have here the Sorcerer’s Stone, and it rests on the Magic Amulet. Both contain great magick, and when placed together are overpowering in what they can do,” the wizard said solemnly. Once again, his hand began weaving back and forth, like a cobra.

Silence throughout the room. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Chaos, No one noticed as Larry quietly got up and slipped out of the room.

Sensing the distress of the audience, now, in a more authoritative voice, Chaos added, “You will not be able to resist this force. You will not resist it, You will not—.”

“Ahhhhhh,” screamed Vetala the witch, as she put her hand to her mouth. That piercing scream did not stop. Everyone was totally startled.

Then, Draco Chaos screamed too, “No, NO, NO,” The blood had drained from both of their always-pale faces.

Everyone turned to see what the two were looking at. From the back of the Assembly Hall, running down the center aisle and holding an immense flat-faced sledge hammer in his powerful grip as he came, was Larry Grant.

“You are cursed, cursed, CURSED!” screamed Draco, “In the name of all my demon gods, I curse you!”

But the curses did not stop Larry, and he kept running.

Utterly beside himself with terror, Draco burst forth with the worst curse he could pronounce, “In the name of Lord Satan, the king of the gods, may you die on the spot!”

As Larry approached the podium, he held the hammer higher as he cried, “In the name of Jesus Christ, the Creator God of heaven and earth, I smash your little gods!”

With a powerful leap, Larry jumped up onto the side of the podium on which the witch was standing.

Then, with a mighty swing, he brought it down on the top center of the Sorcerer’s Stone. The heavy sledge went through the top stone and on through the bottom one as well. Pieces of both stones flew everywhere.

At this, Cliodna Vetala seemed ready to faint. “Ahhhhh! Death strikes the gods of Wicca!” she cried, “We perish, we all perish!” Yet she managed to regain enough strength to run out the side door, after Chaos who was just in front of her.

Somehow, the destruction of their most sacred gods seemed to totally crumple them. No one ever again saw them on campus. Not only did Draco Chaos, the wizard, and Cliodna Vetala, the witch, disappear, but that strange teacher, Circe Centaur, was never seen again either.

By this time, everyone was on their feet—yelling with joy, overjoyed with happiness to be freed from the presence and threatened power of the satanists. For that is what they were. “We’re free! We’re free! We’re free of the devil gods!” they shouted.

By this time, not even the president nor the treasurer could be seen anywhere. They had left through the backdoor also.


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