Due to the high volume of OBJECTIONS & QUESTIONS this site receives from you dear readers, mostly young folks, who are involved in WICCA, New Age religions, Native Religions and other forms of Spiritualism, and the FACT that the SAME questions and statements are heard over and over again: ALSO due to the fact that many use FALSE email addresses or REFUSE to give email addresses, so we can supply the TRUTH to you:  we have thought it wise to place these here and make the answers available to all. 

STATEMENT 1:  "What evidence do we have that the Bible is real?"

STATEMENT 2: Isn't it true that there is actually only one God?

STATEMENT 3: So how do you know what God you worship?

STATEMENT 4: How do we know the Bible is true? 

STATEMENT 5:  What about the fact that wars and bloodshed have happened over Christianity?

STATEMENT 6: What about this or that typo in the Bible? Doesn't that prove it is not the Word of God? 

STATEMENT 7: What about contradictions and things hard to understand? 

STATEMENT 8: I worship Nature and the forces of the universe, isn't that the same as worshipping the Creator?


STATEMENT #1 What about 'witch Hunts'?

STATEMENT #2 About our online story-book

STATEMENT #3 Are we 'Jealous'?

STATEMENT #4 Respecting People?

STATEMENT #5 'I don't believe in Satan'

STATEMENT #6 Fairy-stories of my day?

STATEMENT #7 'Just for fun'?

STATEMENT #8 Is it ALL evil?

STATEMENT #9 'Christian' horror writer?

STATEMENT #10 Good & Bad witchcraft?

STATEMENT #11 I worship in MY way...

STATEMENT #12  What about C. S. Lewis?