Beware of Angels!

A True Account of how the Deceptions of Fallen Angels led a family into Crime 

Excerpts from the book researched and written by Roger Morneau shortly before he passed to his rest. We live in a time when a combination of curiosity and fascination with the occult is walking hand in hand with great ignorance about what God has told us and warned us about in His Holy Word. The combination is dangerous indeed; and when the media abounds with people who encourage others to get involved with these things; it is a time of danger and great spiritual darkness. These events took place during the 1980s, not in the distant past.

The belief that man has a separate, immortal soul that is somehow separate from his physical body, is the key that unlocks hell's gates to pour out deception and confusion into our society today like never before. The Bible teaches nothing of the kind, but when people can be led to think that they are receiving direct communications from heaven, the Bible's authority gets downplayed and shoved aside, leaving people to be duped and become victims of satanic schemes. This is not a book for young children, it is suitable for teens or Adults.

Introduction: Angels and People

Chapter 01A: Murder by Decree 1

Chapter 01B: Murder by Decree 2

Chapter 02: Refusing to get Involved

Chapter 03A: A Red Sea Experience 1

Chapter 03B: A Red Sea Experience 2

Chapter 05: Voices from God

Chapter 06: Curiosity and Fascination did it

Chapter 07: Crippled by Extremism and Fanaticism

Chapter 08: Confusion Unlimited

Chapter 09: A Transfer of Power

Chapter 10: Liberties Lost 

Chapter 11: Facing Harsh Reality

Chapter 12: The Court Seeks Help

Chapter 13A: From Bible Study to Spiritism 1 Court Transcripts give details

Chapter 13B: From Bible Study to Spiritism 2

Chapter 14A: Surprised, Amazed and Shocked 1 Arrested and sentenced

Chapter 14B: Surprised, Amazed and Shocked 2

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