Spirits in His Parlor

A True Tale of a Spirit Worshipper of  Hawaii.

For those who think that witchcraft and contact with spirits is fun and something to be desired--this story shows the fear and slavish control that those spirits exert in the lives of those who are under their power. Today it seems that many modern people are deliberately placing idols in their homes, and learning magic and spells, wearing charms, tattooing their skin, and other things actually connected with spirit worship. Most are blindly following fashion but some think that this can bring them 'luck'. What they are really doing is placing themselves into the hands of Satan's angels and inviting them to become involved in their lives. Always remember, even if a spirit does a favor for someone--they exact a high price in cruel demands, fear, and torment. The wise will stay far away from all such things. This story contains many helpful insights and is suitable for teens or youth.

Chapter 01: The Broken Kapu

Chapter 02: Spirits in the Valley

Chapter 03:  The Ku'ulas

Chapter 04: The Spell

Chapter 05: Grandpa and his Stick Ku'ula

Chapter 06: And Then there was Rose

Chapter 07: Problems Arise

Chapter 08: The Curse

Chapter 09: The Kahunas Fail

Chapter 10: Lahapa

Chapter 11:  Spirit Guidance

Chapter 12: Spirits in His Parlor

Chapter 13: Breaking Away

Chapter 14: Fighting Spirit Worship

Chapter 15: Led by the Image

Chapter 16: On Their Own

Chapter 17: A Dream Come True

Chapter 18: All the Way with Jesus

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