Two Sides: Jesus and Satan 

 Two Sides: Jesus and Satan 

A Trip into the Supernatural! 2:

The high priest told us that there is a ‘Great Controversy’ going on between the forces of good and evil; between Christ and Satan; and these people always praised the great master, Satan, as the super-intelligent being that he is, beautiful to behold, and if he ever appears to you, you won’t be able to look upon him because he’d be too bright, he’d just ruin your vision.

The high priest sad he was in Chicago and a spirit appeared to him and said, “Morneau and his buddy, George has invited them to the service and the fellow that is in charge while you’re away? He’s going to wreck all the work that the spirits have done for the last few years to get these people into the society.” So the high priest which was in Chicago picks up the phone and calls; and the spirit appeared to him, and he said the angel was so bright that he could not look upon him. He said after he picked up the phone to dial, he couldn’t dial the phone because of the fact that his vision was so terribly blurred by the light, the beautiful light of the bright being and he dialed 0 and the operator came on and she had to dial for him.

 They talk about many, many things in regards to who’s going to win this conflict. They say, “the ‘Bible people’ (talking about the Christians) they read in the Bible that we’re all going to land in the ‘lake of fire’ and this and that, that’s Baloney!” he says, “The conflict is going to end peacefully. Christ is going to realize that He might as well abdicate the rights to this planet, take His few people along with Him to His planet in the center of the galaxies and we will be left with a master who will resurrect all his people that will be as numerous as the sand of the sea, and the master will rule forever and ever and ever a happy people.” And he named some of the people that are going to be there but I won’t mention any names, they’re known to history. So that was quite impressive.

 They were telling the truth, they really had things down straight but still I was not satisfied with the answers. There was something, and I understand now that it was the Spirit of God, saying, “Hold back fellow! Hold back.” And the priest had talked about us thinking seriously of being initiated into the cult. There’s no turning back; It’s not a matter of whether you’re going to be initiated or not, it’s when.

Typewriters That Typed By Themselves!

 So the priest said, “Look, I’m not going to pressure you into anything, OK? But I want to show you what the spirits can do for a devoted servant.” We went downstairs, not through the staircase that I talked about in the worship room of the gods but at the other end of the building, and went downstairs and a number of times I had gone there to the men’s room and I heard typewriters clicking like the dickens, I thought that they must have a lot of people typing in there in that room.

That evening he knocked and the man says come on in, and there was all those typewriters moving along by themselves; typing at the speed that I’d never seen before. And not only that, the high priests says, “I want to show you something clever, follow me.” So we went around the table, there was like two long tables, and they had about ten typewriters, and he said, “Notice now that the typewriter types to the right and then doesn’t go back, it types back to the left. Isn’t that something?” I had never heard of things like this before, he said, “The spirits are doing the work.”

 He introduced us to the man, and the man is a lawyer, and he said, “How much money did you make last year?”

 “Oh, he says, it’s in the six figures.” All this guy did was put paper in there and different briefs for court cases came out, typed by the demon spirits. He had this service to the legal profession and would sell these briefs to lawyers in United States and Canada.

  Now they have a super beautiful resort which is in the Lauretian mountains north of Montreal, North of St Agate, a famous name there in Montreal; Montrealers all go north there and have summer homes and that, so they had a big resort up there for their people, it was a closed society, and they had on October 31, Halloween, they had what they call live animal sacrifices. I don’t know what it is, we could never find out. By the time that the Lord pulled me out of there I had not yet found out what it was. So you have this intrigue involved in there.

 Three very unique services that I attended there that stayed in my mind forever, one was entitled Christian Idolatry, another one was entitled the super deception of a ‘Glorious New Age’ which I say applies to the ‘New Age’ today and this was 1946 we’re talking! And the other one was Satan’s great general counsel of the 1700s. I must say the things that I heard there was an eye-opener.

 First we’ll look at the ‘Great General Counsel’: “At the beginning of the 1700s”, said the high priest, “Satan and all his spirit counselors held a Great General Counsel with one purpose in mind, it was to prepare for the great industrial age which was soon to break upon the world, and Lucifer also foresaw another age that was to follow that where tremendous scientific discoveries would be made by people and we would enter into a unique age that would change the way that everybody lives.

 It would also serve to usher in the end times and the close of the ‘Great Controversy’ between the forces of good and evil.” The priest said that Lucifer had been studying the Bible and he found in Daniel 12:4 where we are told about the time of the end, ‘Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.’ He understood it to be that we’re getting to that point, and he had with all the spirit counselors, to change their modes of operation in order to ensnare people and devise a way whereby people would disqualify themselves from being members of Christ’s kingdom.

 By the time the counsel came to a close they had three major policies that were going to be followed: 1st, they were to see to it that humans would be made to believe that Satan and his angels do not really exist. You see, up to that time you could walk down the street of Paris and you’d have signs that would say that you have a soothsayer or a fortune teller of some type and if you want to put a curse on someone you could go and see this other old lady over there, you know, the old witches, that’s the way it goes but now it had to change.

Satan Wants You to Believe He is Not REAL!

 Lucifer said that we have to make sure that people, humans, get to believe that Satan and his angels do not really exist. (Note: a recent survey shows that over 75% of people today do not believe in a real, tangible devil!)

 The next thing in the three part policy that they had adopted there, the second one was to find a way to be able to get total control of people’s minds and that would be done by taking hypnotism out of the realm of the occult and introduce it as a new science for the benefit of mankind. They felt that by taking hypnotism out of the realm of the occult and introducing it as a new science for the benefit of mankind, they could then use people of great renown, educators, people of capacity that would do great things such as supposedly regress people in time to former lives that they had and of course, after the session is over the person would not know a thing about ancient history and the person she or he has talked about performing certain deeds, we’ll say three-four thousand years ago; but this was their strategy.

 Now what this would do for the thing is this, that it would create in the minds of the general public, solidly set now in the general public, an unwavering trust in that great deception. In other words, people would believe it, this person was hypnotized was regressed in time to former lives and did this and did that and no deception, maybe Alexander the Great we’ll say, and some of his generals and the person after the session is over comes out of hypnotism and he or she doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

So now this would be a way of de-Christianizing the western world through the avenue of mysticism. Now the time came when Lucifer decided that he had to choose a person to initiate this thing. Franz Mesmer, which was an Austrian physician, was chosen because he was most capable. Mesmer originated a theory called ‘animal magnetism’, later on named ‘Mesmerism’. Mesmer was led by the spirits to believe, this is what the priest said, was led by the spirits to believe that certain persons have a magnetic influence within themselves, so to speak, that would cause them to have great power over other persons even to the point of placing them into a trance. And at that time, that was readily accepted by people in general, the time that Mesmer lived. So people realized, they said that some people have the capacity to put you into a trance this way.

Now, by the time that he died in 1815, a lot of the physicians in Europe were using hypnotism as a means of anesthesia. Hypnotism is Mesmerism that has been developed to a higher degree of refinement. The priest went on saying that the plan of Satan to deceive the human family this way, he says, is the most intriguing thing to his mind and he went on saying how it was going to be brought about.


 He said that a fellow by the name of Darwin, and another fellow by the name of Thomas Henry Huxley, would be used by the spirits because in their childhood, they had been hypnotized by medical doctors and they figured that they would be real good subjects to lead the people into this belief that they had that Satan wanted to bring into people’s lives.

 The third point in the plan of Lucifer and his spirit counselors was to destroy the Bible, without burning it. It was very interesting because after the great general counsel, it was decided that Satan would tutor Charles Darwin personally. In setting up the principles of his theories of evolution, he was tutored by Lucifer himself, fallen Lucifer. And at that time it was understood, Satan and his spirit counselors understood that if a person was led to believe in the theory of evolution, it would in his life destroy completely the creation week of the Bible, the fall of man and the plan of redemption; it would do away with it.

 Now he made a unique statement, he said that according to the spirits, anyone that teaches the theory of evolution is considered to be a minister of a great religious system; you see they call it a religious system; the theory of evolution; Because it is a system of schooling people and getting them to disqualify themselves from being members of Christ’s kingdom. And he said that every teacher of that theory is recognized by the spirits as a person of great value and receives a very special unction from Satan himself giving great power to induce spiritual blindness, to convince and convert. Three capacities are given to those teachers of the theory. Then, that’s not all; the priest says that Satan considers the teachers of the theory of evolution to be so valuable to him that in the sight of all the inhabitants of the galaxies, he assigns a retinue of bright, beautiful angels to follow that educator all the remainder of his life. And that in the sight of the inhabitants of the galaxies is the greatest honor that he can bestow upon his workers among mankind, until the controversy is finished. That was quite enlightening.

 The high priest believed this one hundred percent, no question about it. He says that deception is like politics, you believe in one candidate, the other person believes in the other candidate and they’re fighting to get the position, it’s just a matter of who’s going to be the smartest and with Lucifer the fallen cherubim, he’s very smart, he’s going to win and Christ will advocate the rights to the planet; he’s going to resurrect his people, and establish his kingdom that’ll last forever and ever. God won’t destroy him because it would be against the Creator’s nature, to destroy Lucifer in the fire, and besides that, he said that spirits now, demon spirits, have the capacity now to outlive fire, he said if you don’t believe it go to India or some of those countries where they have fire walkers. It’s done by the power of demon spirits; the people are energized by the spirits so they can walk on those hot coals without burning themselves. He said, if they want to use fire, they can use it; it’s not going to burn anybody. So that’s the way they believe.

 This high priest figured he was going to be one of the higher ups in that great kingdom. I was about twenty years old at this time and I had a sort of awe in the fact of being chosen to join this group but then I got thinking, when am I going to have to pay the price, the cost? My parents had brought me up like this. If you get involved with evil, you’re going to reap what you sow; so you want to be upright in life and if you associate with evildoers they’ll probably land you in jail or somewhere else that you wouldn’t want to be. So there’s always a price to be paid.

Now one of the things that really amazed me and shocked me and made me sick at heart is when the priest talked about Christian Idolatry. He said that Christian idolatry is the most grandiose or great deception that has ever been brought upon the human family, upon mankind. And he boasted, that demon spirits are continually defiling Christian churches through the avenue of necromancy, by using a form of spirit worship that involves hundreds of millions of Christians into idolatry without their being aware of it. 

 Necromancy is the belief that one can conjure the spirits of the dead so you can speak with someone who has died. Now, the priest says that the super deception is brought about in only one way, through the deceptive belief that man has an immortal soul that lives on after death. And he said that constitutes idolatry through necromancy. So he says there are hundreds and millions of Christians that are practicing idolatry while they think they are glorifying God.

 Contrary to popular belief, necromancy does not consist of conjuring the spirits of the dead, the reason being that man is totally mortal, and does not possess an immortal soul, so who are they talking to? He says, the friendly demon spirits have always found over the centuries, great delight in impersonating apparitions, departed love ones and persons of great renown.

 There are three main divisions of demon spirits and then there’s divisions within those divisions. You have the friendly demon spirits; that seem to have the finesse and the refinement and they’re not upset about what happened when they were thrown out of heaven, from what I gather. Then you have warriors; they like to bring misery and destruction in the lives of people. Then you have the oppressors; and the oppressors are the real wicked spirits that hate God, the Creator, with all of their might.

 So he went on explaining, necromancy is in reality a belief, a religious belief. People believe that the dead have entered into a higher plane of existence then they had when they were alive; also that they are in a position and have the capacity to help the living here on earth. Then, he said, this is where things get really interesting. He said, according to the great master, a person does not have to supposedly call upon the spirits of the dead to receive help, to be involved in necromancy. All he has to do is to believe in life after death, because, he said, necromancy is the belief that man has an immortal soul. So anybody that believes that man has an immortal soul is involved in necromancy. It’s that simple, that’s the way he explained it.

 So by people believing that they are either talking to the saints, the spirits of the dead, the dead saints; or a dead relative; or a dead person of some type; you take for instance, Loretta Lynn, she says on national television, and I have the date that I heard it myself. She said that she was made successful in her singing career by a dear friend of hers, that was the same age as she, and died when she was eighteen years of age. And Loretta was trying to get into the singing world but she said, “I had no success at all; until one night I was sitting in bed reading a book and who walks right through the wall but my friend, the spirit of my friend! And she said, ‘Loretta, I’m going to make you a very famous person in singing country music; and I will be with you all the time; trust me!’” And she had a big concert once and she was coming down with this bad cold, and she thought that her voice was going to give. She talked to her spirit and felt that she was going to be helped. And she got out on the stage and she started to sing and right in the middle of where she really needed the power; no power at all! And her spirit-friend tapped her on the shoulder and started to sing for her. She said, “Her voice went through me, the power!” This was, I believe 1976, this took place.

 Now the priest explained that when people believe in this business; they are actually opening themselves to be completely deceived by demon spirits, because it gives the demon spirits an opportunity to impersonate the dead and for people to believe their lies. And the priest says that first of all it brings the great master the respect and the reverence that is due to his great name; and it makes all the other spirits exceedingly happy because they are the ones that have worked to lead people to believe in life after death and they rejoice.

 Friendly spirits are the ones that specialize in impersonating the dead. I saw this done many times but one time in particular fascinated me; it was unique in one way. The priest told us that there was a French historian, who was affiliated in the University of Montreal, which is the French university; the English University is McGill. This man was from Paris, and he wanted to have some details in regards to Napoleon Bonaparte and one of his generals. By the way, there are also in other parts of the world elite spirit worshippers like the group that we had in Montreal. He said, when my friend and I went in, that you guys are fortunate, you are right in time to see something very interesting. My friend there is having his devotions in the worship room of the gods and he will use a trance-medium to converse with certain demon spirits which will inform him in regards to ancient history, about Napoleon.

 And sure enough, we went down there and somebody came up and said he’s ready for the session and he said he would need three people. He would need three people but he wanted five people to volunteer to be the channel for the spirits. So three of them were chosen there and the others went back and sat down. The man shook his head a little bit; his eyes went glazed and he stayed like that for a half hour and the spirits spoke through him.

 He said, “I’m a spirit counselor; what would you like to know?” The voice changed and everything. The historian had a clipboard and started asking him questions about detailed information about Napoleon Bonaparte and one of his generals. There was a certain question that was asked, and the spirit counselor said, “I will have lord Reamy and lord Alphonse duplicate the dialogue that had taken place.” Two other men then fulfilled what he was looking for.

 But the one thing that was interesting was the mayor of Montreal, Camilean Houde, during the world war II at the beginning of the war, he was very controversial in regards to the war effort. He would tell the French speaking boys not to go into the armed service, you see, because you have to go and shed your blood for the British and we’re their servants so to speak and all that and didn’t want them to go into war. They put him in prison; he was jailed for the length of the war. Now this man said, “I would like to have you tell me, “ he said to the spirit, “ to give me part of the speech that was given by Camilean Houde on the steps of the Montreal City Hall”; on a certain date. “There are different versions of what has taken place and you, lord, would know the exact one.” This Mayor was still alive.

 The spirit counselor said, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you, all of my activities and my people have taken place in Europe. However, after our departure, other spirits will come and help you.” And sure enough, the guy vibrates a little bit, and then he was back. “How long?” he asked, Twenty minutes he was a channel. So then again a spirit entered into him, and this spirit said that he was a spirit counselor that could give him the information that he was looking for.

 Again it was given verbally and it was the voice of Camilean Houde. I was a youngster in those days and just about ready to go into the army and Camilean , we used to listen to the radio, and all the speeches of Camilean was on the radio all the time. In those days they had no tape recorders such as we have now. So Camilean would have to go the Canadian Broadcasting studio where they made a record, a phonograph record and then they played it over and over. So I knew his voice real good. I said to George that was sitting there, “Isn’t it amazing?” He said, “If you think that’s amazing, wait until the spirits impersonate one of the departed people that you know personally, like an uncle or a brother or sister or something like that. That is unique!” But that is the way it was; they are able to reproduce a voice just to perfection.

 The spirits are exceedingly proud of this; and this also was right up my alley, the priest said that as the times on this planet gets more and more difficult and calamities of all kinds are striking the planet more and more frequently, demon spirits are going to impress people with the importance of Sunday sacredness.