A Trip into the Supernatural!

A Harrowing Brush With the Powers of Darkness
Roger Morneau tells his Amazing Story

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How It All Began

When I came out of the navy after WW2, I was looking for to take up a trade in Montreal, Canada and at that time I ran across a fellow that had been on a particular ship with me and he said, “Hey, Morneau, you’re alive! How nice to meet you, let’s have dinner tonight?” I said to my boss, “Can I have the evening off?” Because I was assistant to the Windsor bowling alleys and billiards. It was the high class place in Montreal where all the dress manufacturing people go and relax. So I got the evening off and I went out to have dinner.

He told me, “Hey, I got something fantastic to tell you,” he said, “I am affiliated with people that speak with the spirits of the dead. How would you like to talk with the spirit of your dead mother?”

And I was shocked! I was shocked. He said, “You wouldn’t be afraid of talking to the spirit of your dead mother would you?”

“Well”, I said, I’ll tell you what, I would have to give that some thought, it’s something I never thought about before in my life!”

Well, he said, “It’s written all over your face, you’re afraid of going to a séance. But”, he said, “I know you, you’re going to come.” And then he started telling me how brave I was when I was aboard ship, you know and different things. He says, “You’re not the same man, you’ve changed; you’re chicken!”

That’s all I needed to hear, I said, “When do we go to the séance?”

Going To The Séance

So one Saturday evening we’re in the place was the very first time, a very beautiful place; the medium was a lady; she had a gorgeous new home in Montreal; and there were about twenty invited guests there. I was one of them. And she communicated with the spirits for different people there and telling them what the spirits said.

Then there was one lady that had been talking and talking almost continually before the séance started, and she didn’t believe in the dead appearing and all this and all that and she said, “Well, I would have to see my dead sister to believe it.” So while this séance was going one man said, “I would like to talk to my friend that died six months ago. But I don’t want him to appear, I just want to talk to him. because”, he said, “I don’t trust you talking to my friend for me.”

So the medium says, “Let me inquire of the spirits; Yah, the spirit will talk with you.” And that big masculine voice was heard in the place, Said, “Hi, Frank, it’s nice of you to ask for me to talk with you.” and they had a little chat and after it was over, Frank says, “This is the greatest thing on earth, to be able to talk with the spirits of the dead!”

Then the medium said, “We have a very special surprise tonight for you people, a spirit will manifest itself openly here in a few minutes.” And it was like a big gust of wind hit the building and right through the wall, the lights weren’t terribly bright, you know they were like living room lights, a couple of floor lamps and maybe some of these, and that translucent being seemed to come right out of the wall.

It’s almost like my heart stopped a little bit; Very weird feeling! It was a lady in a beautiful evening gown; floor length and she said to Mary, “My dear sister, you are so wonderful to have asked for me.” And Mary fainted and fell right off her chair on the floor. A couple guys jumped up and picked her up and the spirit was gone.

That was the beginning of it. You know something interesting about the human mind; you can adjust to an awful lot of stuff! Things that would terrify you to begin with, after a while they become common and ordinary. Then I got into a secret society that worshipped the spirits.

It happens that the séance, I’m not involved in it, in many ways, but when you get into a secret society of spirit worshippers and especially when you are invited there by the direction of the higher ups in the spirit world, you never get out of there alive. And that’s exactly what my friend and I were up against; we didn’t know anything about.

Invited By The Spirits

There was a very popular big band, jazz band leader, very famous; he played a lot in Montreal, Canada; Vancouver the big cities and one night we went to one of these séance and he was with his wife. Now the spirits had told him what to do. The spirit told him “There’s two of these guys”, gave the names, “and we’ll make it so your wife will want to talk to the medium when you say that you want to go home because you’re tired as soon as you see that these guys are starting to want to leave, then leave with them at the same time and as you get outdoors, you ask them if they are driving, and they will say no, that they’re going to take the tramway a couple blocks away. You invite them to get in your car with you and that you will take them to a fancy restaurant and treat them to some good food and talk about the merchant navy.”

And that’s what the guy did; and there we were in this posh restaurant, we pulled into a little alley, I can still see it like it was yesterday, just enough room to pass a car, that happened to give on a restaurant that was on St. Catherine’s street, the main street in Montreal. It was quite an evening.

After we were seated, in entering there, the place was just full, packed tight, but there was a couple of tables against the wall that had a ‘reserved’ sign on it and the owner of the place recognized the band leader and came and said “Good evening”, you gentlemen want a table?” So you’re one of the reserved people.

We sat there and we had our favorite alcoholic beverages and as we talked the band leader says, “How long have you fellows been involved with sorcery?” It shocked us a little bit; and I said, “exactly what do you mean?”

 <>“Well”, he said, “You know, what you people are doing, talking to the supposed spirits of the dead”, he says, “This is silly. You see, my wife, goes to the séances because she gets comfort and she gets something good out of it; a good feeling out of it and she lives for what the spirits are going to say that the future’s going to be like. To me, I can’t bother with this stuff.” He said, “I want power, I go right to the source of power. How do you think I became famous the way that I am?”

I said, “You must have had some good luck.” 

Well he said, “There’s no such thing as ‘good luck’, there’s either some power working for you somewhere, or you don’t get ahead in this world, not in my type of occupation.”

Spirit Worshippers

From there we got talking about spirit worship, so he said, “the ‘supposed spirits of the dead’ that you’re talking with are demon spirits, they’re fallen angels, they’re beautiful beings” He said, “You guys got a great future ahead of you, because we’ve been told, the high priest of our secret society has been told that the master has very special plans for you two.” We were interested to hear more about it.

He told us, “We worship spirits, we worship Lucifer and all his angels, and they’re just a beautiful as before they were cast out of heaven. There was a misunderstanding in the whole thing heaven, in the galaxies, our master was misunderstood and God did not bear with him like He does with people who make mistakes today. So we’re in the warfare, good against evil and we happen to be the evil ones. But we’re not that bad.” He said, “I look at this business between the forces of good and evil, one person believes in God another believes in Lucifer, it’s like politics.”

These people are sold to the fact that Christ will not return to this planet with power and great glory; He’s going to abdicate all claims to the planet, because the high priest once said, Christ will abdicate all claim to the planet because He knows that it lawfully and rightfully Satan’s. At that time he said, Lucifer, he mentioned Lucifer a lot of times, but he mentioned Satan also;” he says, “The Master”, they like to talk about the master, “will resurrect his people from their graves.”

Now he said, “Listen guys, I’d like to have you meet some of our people. What about next week? Wednesday evening? I’ll pick you up at your place and you’re invited to one of our services. It’s a testimonial to the spirits of how the spirits have blessed your life.”

When we left there I said to myself, “This guy’s half drunk, I’m not going to hear from him again.”

Attending the meeting

But it was true, Wednesday night came and he was there with his big Lincoln, step in and we went to one of the most beautiful areas of Montreal, the place was a mansion. Mansions are usually very large; we call this a small mansion. It was a most beautiful place.

It was a big surprise for me as I kind of made up my mind they were going to be rough looking characters; but as we entered the place, I was amazed to see that they were all very well dressed, well mannered and that a lot of the people, as we were being introduced to people, were professionals; doctors, attorneys, a lot of business people.

See what they had, they had a praise session to the gods, which are the spirit counselors which are in charge of legions of spirits. They talk about what the ‘lord of their lives’ has done for them. They call on particular spirits like the god Nehustan, which you read about in 2nd Kings, the Israelites worshipped the [brazen] serpent that Moses had made; well behind that they were worshipping the serpent, they were actually worshipping this spirit Nehustan and the same spirit, Nehustan, a medical doctor was telling us how he was making operations that had never been made before because people have to be awake and have no feeling; he was able to carry on surgeries that had not been done before; but the spirits would give that capacity to be able to operate without people feeling any pain. Also with no problem with the blood because as he would cut his incisions, everything open and there would be no blood running; so he could do work that had not been done before.

A big surprise to me when I wet to the place, the priest said, “Let’s go down to the worship room of the gods and have a singing session.” So we go down there and what do you think they pass around? Church hymnals. Christian church hymnals; and I couldn’t believe this and I said, “What’s this business”? The priest said “Well now for those of you that are new, let me tell you that this is the most feasible way to please the spirits is to deride Christ and His people, and His church and all that.”

So they sing out of Christian hymnals. They change a lot of the words. It’s a form of blasphemy.

So we see today in the Rock music world, you see the singers they have these crosses? The ladies have these earrings with crosses? This is a form of blaspheme, a form of deriding Christ. Spirits cause the people to do that; to find pleasure in wearing this type of emblem, a cross is the emblem of the crucifixion of Christ to the Christians.

The Worship Room of the gods

We were there maybe half a dozen times; and the high priest told us after the meeting was over he wanted to talk to us, my friend and I. So after most people had left he says, “The master of my life has revealed to me that it is time for you people to become acquainted with the worship room of the gods.”

Well, we started to move toward a beautiful grand staircase; Beautiful; the banister was huge, it was massive and the wrought iron work that they had done, it was super; the beautiful decorations on the wall; the chandelier on the first landing; you go down about 8 or 10 steps and you had the first landing; was huge and beautiful.

The light arrangement was the nicest I’d ever seen in my life. When we got into this sanctuary area, it wasn’t very brightly lit but everything was magnified, the beauty of certain things like a lot of things were gold-plated, or gold trimmed. The little altars; where they had the spirits had materialized, they photographed them and then they had paintings made of them and there was maybe about a hundred of those around the place. Underneath was a little altar where you had incense and the things that they would use in their prayer session and devotions to certain spirits. Some of the objects in there the priest said were solid gold. It was a unique experience to see that.

I felt that these people had power and they had a lot of it. I had mixed feelings about it, because to a certain extent things looked so good; it sounded so good to us; but you see, I’d been brought up in a Christian home where my parents had told us, there were eight children in the family and especially the older ones, my Dad said, “Well you know, if you get involved in wrong doing, you’re going to have to pay the price. There’s always a cost for everything in this world.” So this thought came creeping to my mind, just how far do you go with these spirits before you start paying the price?

And yet there was no way out because that’s what we were told. The high priest had said that the master had special plans for us in our lives, and that no one ever went into this society unless they were invited by the spirits. So that was made very clear. He also explained to us the danger of going against the will of the spirits. He mentioned about this man and his wife that lived in a fireproof building in Montreal, the place burned right down with them in it. He was one of their members that had decided well he wanted to think things over. He was not going to get initiated at the time when the spirits said they would like him to be initiated to the society.

You see these people in that Montreal society, like the priest mentioned, there’s thousands of spirit worshippers in different societies of spirit worshippers in this world; but he said, “We are the elite, we know the real truth about the master and his angels and they are not hideous looking beings they are gorgeous creatures.” And from the paintings that they had on the walls of that worship room, they were beautiful beings; especially was a full-length painting of Lucifer above his altar. That was very fascinating; because he looked like a man of great intellect; high forehead and when you looked at the eyes it gave you a depth of perception of somebody that was very knowledgeable and powerful.

At the praise sessions there were a lot of success stories, the master has done this for me and that for me; I remember one lumber dealer he had half a dozen different operations in different parts of Quebec, and everything that he touched seemed to turn to money, And he was telling about it.

Astrologist Tells the Facts 

Then there was this other person that was a clairvoyant, that would work only for the wealthy, only the super-wealthy. He said, “I have the know how, they have the means, let them pay.” So he advised them in business transactions; they would come to him and say, “Hey, listen, I’m looking at this deal that I might get, this factory or some business” This person was interested in industrial real estate, and he would talk to the spirit and the spirit was audible to him, he could hear the spirit talk to him; the man did not hear. So the spirit was telling the clairvoyant what, well he called himself an astrologer;  the moons and the stars, you know.

This person stood up and said, “I had a nice little experience last week the master carried out.” This lady and her husband brought him, this astrologer, a bundle of money. He works only on percentages, he doesn’t work for set amounts of money only percentages on what the people make. So he said, “they brought me a substantial amount of money and they were very happy with it and I felt that it was very reasonable but then my guide spirit says, ‘ask them when they are going to give you the other 1700 dollars that is really yours?’”  And he says to these folks, “I would like to know now before we leave here, when will you have the 1700 dollars to give me that makes up my rightful part of the deal?” The wife fainted, and the husband says, “We’ll have the money for you in 24 hours”. So that was this type of praise session.

I Start Gambling

It wasn’t too long that the priest mentioned to us that the time had arrived for us to start trusting the spirits and give the spirits a chance to work for us. And there was a number of gifts that you could choose from, and I used to play the horses, not knowledgeable at all, I used to go to those bookies. I said, “Hey, I’d like for the spirit to instruct me on the numbers and the name of the horses that’s going to win at Belmont or some other racetracks like that; Make myself a little money.”

The priest said, “It will be given you.” and sure enough one night, whether I fell into a trance or dreamed the thing, I don’t exactly know what happened but I saw three races that were really going to pay big. And these horses were dummies, they were not really good horses; one horse paid twenty-one to one because he was that poor, right? I saw the board at the bookie and the number and I went there and they said it was going to be on Saturday it was like on Wednesday an few days later it was Saturday; I went there and sure enough there they were on the boards. I went to the wicket and handed some money in, and got myself a winner. Now I said, I am crazy; I ought to put more money on there so I put twenty dollars onto the next horse and that paid 21-1. I left there with maybe four-five hundred dollars in my hands. In this case I went directly down to the finest men’s shop on St. Catherine’s street and bought myself a $200 Suit. People then were working for $18 a week and the good earners maybe $75 a week.

Then I went to other bookies and one day I am told by the man at the cage, where you do your bet, he says “My boss would like to talk to you; go right through that door over there.” I knocked, the guy says, “Come on in.” The guy’s sitting behind a big desk smoking a big cigar; so he says, “You’re Roger.” I say, “Yes.” He got up a walked around me, he said, “You don’t look that smart.” I said, “What sir?”

“You don’t look that smart that you could pick horses that are winners when they’re supposed to be losers. Where do you get your help?”

“What do you mean help? I’m not getting any help. I just happen to…”  “Awe no, we’ve been watching you here for a number of weeks; and you always leave here with some of our good money. Now. I’ll tell you buddy, if you want a list of all the bookies in Montreal, I’ll give you a list of them; but I want you out of here, and don’t show up again because somebody’s going to put a …you know what I mean.”

“So I said, “Ok sir, I won’t be back again.” It’s a tough business to be in, gambling.