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Gallery 2:

January 22-24: YES: another cyclone see vid-snips;
Running 5 km in the storm to get to shelter: Volunteer rescue team beaten back:

Cyclone December 30-31/2020-01/01/2021

  Dec. 30: Sky over Zimbabwe

Below is around the Mission home area Dec. 31.

"It's promising more rain and people are moving in water to higher ground. As for us at church cottage we are still safe, the first house surely is affected by overflowing nearby river but still all things safe so far." [11 AM Dec 31]

New Years 2021: Searching for their belongings that blew away yesterday!

Mission Family survived in 1 room that still has a roof, the rest blew away - Jan. 10. this has been repaired thank the Lord!.

January 2021 Lockdown crisis: Our faithful nurses ask our prayers; wearing old blankets for protective clothing.

January 2021: Because people near the mission home had lost so much of their belongings in the cyclone, our Dorcas team decided to give out some free clothing from our bales, which had gotten soaked and could spoil if not used right away. This was a gift much appreciated. This happy little girl is wearing her new outfit!

Another area Flooding January 15/2021

The amazing thing is that unlike the cyclone of 2019, in this one many were praying and no lives were lost. Only one of our groups was devastated, and all areas where our groups had crops that were damaged by the storm and flooding. much prayer has resulted in them growing well anyway! Our God can do anything--but fail!