Daniel and Revelation Book CoverThe four Beasts of Daniel

Mission Gallery 5

November 2021

Chishawasha area


The 'Haunted Hills'.                               School Building


Chishawasha update August 2022
MMV Team spend 2 weeks there teaching and many were baptized. A couple bales of blankets and clothing were sent and received with much rejoicing! Some little ones were naked all their lives!


The big tummies were addressed by our MMV health teaching and they will soon improve! School building.


Giant Mushrooms / A freshly painted home, using colored earth to paint it.


Mission Home area:

A poor Lady who cares for 36 orphans

Lunch time for the little ones:

One of her adopted boys determined to do well in school
so he can grow up and help his Granny


More views of the Mission area: Suffer the little children: Do we care?  

New Area Nyanga: Nov. 19,
Pastor invited to preach funeral of two murdered children; crowds eager to hear more of the Gospel truth.

School Children paying their respects to their deceased friends.