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Mission Gallery 6

September 2022 Update

We have had great Baptisms in these areas as God blest the work of MV Bruce and MV Benson! Headlands: 65.Chiendambuya: 62.
Now these 2 poor areas were in desperate need of clean water, so we took a leap of faith, when our well drilling team made us a special offer, agreeing to let us pay half down and the rest as we could. So on September 9, 10 the big drill rig went into the areas and installed Borehole wells, one in each area! In these pictures the cement is still wet. The people were amazed and thought it was magic as many who had chronic diarrhea got well as soon as they were using the clean water! We explained to them about the germs in dirty water. Praise the Lord, we made the final payment Yesterday, October 19.

May 2022

Our new Missionary Volunteer men Gathering Groups in 2 new needy areas, Headlands and Chiendambuya. Missionary Bruce's area is Headlands. This is a very poor area. Comments by Pastor T.

This is the local school.

"This is the only government school in the area, for 42 years it's been operating. Believe it or not l mean these things. They are exploited and taken advantage of. l wish they can all repent and accept the truth and be saved to enjoy the good of life in heaven, trust me, when you preach to such about a new garment in heaven it is more appealing, about golden sandals in heaven oh they can hardly wait, talk of a golden mansion, they have that desire for greatness and God's promises make more sense to them than for those people in the cities. Missionaries Benson and Bruce found it easy to raise groups there, they need our support yes." 

 Some Local Children

"Well l know they have never seen a paper or a pen, most of them used pencils as they last longer than pens so are given those when they go to school, they learn writing in the dust and in exercise books only on test days. These are Missionary Benson's three little brothers, l saw them when l went there. That is how l grew up, exactly the depth of poverty and strain we Africans live in, except for a few in big cities who are making it, most in Zimbabwe are suffering, but to us, we don't see it because we are used to this, it's who we are." 

Child Slavery is certainly not dead.

"At five years, children are driven into gold panning, and are given maize to take home if they are productive, [notice IF they are productive! So the 'boss' decides if even a small child doing his best is given even that pitifully poor reward! Extreme exploitation!] l shed tears when l went there, l have seen poverty everywhere but the magnitude in their place is unbearable even for me. They don't know God and they don't even have an idea of who He is, they have never seen a Bible, and so they can't dedicate their children to God but to the devil as the only god known in name is ancestor and culture. I tell you, They need prayers. One thing that always astonishes me, is they still are able to read and write even if they learn writing in the dust."

 Groups gathering to learn about God for the first time.