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Mission Gallery 7

A Picture Lesson Feb. 2023:


Lovely new bridge in Rafingora: An official boasted that even God with all His chariots would not shake it. // Uh, a couple weeks and rainstorms later - Hmmm? 

October - December 2022 Update

On invitation from the Chief our MMV Team and Pastor Maxwell are stationed at Ngezi, a remote village in the area of Mhondoro. This area is very neglected and has great needs. We have managed to have our faithful Builders to install a large Blair toilet with a wash and changing area as well as two small wells with hand pumps, as the area has no sanitation of clean water supply. The Chief there has deeded us a stand of land to build a church. The team is teaching Agriculture, health and sanitation as well a basic Bible as these people have no knowledge of God or the Bible. The poverty is extreme but the people are cheerful and eager to learn. 2023 update--there is a thriving church group there now, meeting faithfully under the care of their local leaders! Very happy group indeed!

The children: We pray for means to be able to supply clothing bales for these dear souls. The adults are not much better off either. Feb 19:2023 Praise the Lord we have been able to send clothing and blankets for them and they are so happy and thanking the Lord!

Local School

Cute Wild Puppies

Dec 8 it rained live fish on this and other areas, including home mission. They were gratefully gathered up and dried by both the local folk and our builders. Strange occurrence but they thanked God for the gift.

Our Newly completed sanitary unit at the church grounds.

The surrendered and burned occult hut at the Main Mission area.

A glimpse of the men of our prison church group. There are equally a large group of women but we were not allowed to take their picture so far.