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Special Letter of Appreciation: June 2020

Our Mission Directive is found in Isaiah 58!

Thanksgiving 2021: For the sake of mission friends, we pause to praise the Lord for how He has led this humanly impossible mission. This is His mission, no human can take credit for it, only the Lord working with some very poor Missionary Volunteers who have to cry to Him daily, depending on Him even to live. At first there was one teacher who began to hold daily Bible study against the wall of a building for one small group eager to learn. How it has grown into around 21 large groups of hundreds in many different areas, only the Lord knows! It went forward only where invited. The groups all have the missionary spirit and as they learn, they teach others. Many in turn have raised up one or more new groups in their areas! Only the Lord can number the faithful. What about donations? Supporters can be assured that what comes to the mission is used for the mission, no personal expenses come from it. In fact the cost of website hosting and such comes from our pocket, mission money goes to mission. All praise to the Lord!

TC Mission is not a ministry, we are only a few little ordinary folk, Missionary Volunteers, that follow the guiding of the Lord and seek to do what comes to hand to do. He does all the rest! Sometimes I say we are the poor helping the poorer!

In the last few years most of our focus has been on Zimbabwe and some of the countries around that area, mainly because of the genuine needs there. Here I will just show a few things the Lord has allowed us to be involved in.

Recently [June 2020] as we were relocating our Mission Family into the country as the Messenger of the Lord has directed, we found people in the area out with cups and buckets grubbing for a little dirty water to live on! It broke our hearts! For the first time TC sent out an extra news-bulletin and invited our little group of supporters to first of all pray, and then if they were impressed to do so, send a gift to make a difference.

Within 2 hours we had enough to take advantage of a special deal made to us from the borehole drilling company. In only a couple days the work began and now at least in one area we have this: TCs first water station! A second one followed soon after!

It feels wonderful to be able to make a difference! Even a little difference! This is the promise we claimed, and they struck water at only half the depth they usually do. "When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue faileth for thirst, I the LORD will hear them, I the God of Israel will not forsake them. I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water." Isaiah 41:17, 18.

Of course now it has a proper slab and everything to complete it and people are coming from all around to get clean water. A local business was shamed by us as strangers doing this and they also paid for one to be in their area! This was the second one.

   Going back in time we will show a few glimpses.

The Cyclone in 2019 Where a village that had one of our little fellowship groups in it was wiped out by a mudslide and those who escaped had nothing but the clothes on their backs!

Here they are digging trying to find the bodies of their missing family members. most had to be buried in mass graves and many were never found.

TC Mission notified all our various little groups and gathered all the supplies we could. We got in with a Red Cross truck and took them the first bit of food they had had. We took in a tent and a stove to cook and whatever clothes and blankets our little groups locally could gather.


Later our groups in nearby countries gathered and sent in all they could:

It was our group or believers among the survivors who organized prayer and worship each evening for the survivors. This had a good influence and resulted later in organizations helping with more supplies, because they saw the people were so orderly.

Further back in time in the Cholera outbreak, our medical missionary volunteer teem taught simple sanitation and hygiene to all our groups and it stopped the spread in all areas where there is a fellowship or church group.

Further back in time Yet: TC mission started with one group,

Then we began to learn of little Adventist 'churches' in remote rural areas that had been originally set up years before by Maranatha Ministry but left with no support from pastors or teachers. We began to search them out and take in what we could, a few books and Bibles, and holding seminars, reviving these precious little fellowships. Some we found still faithful, doing what they could to learn week by week with the tattered remnants of the books they had originally been given years before.

One remote area, many of the folk were in desperate need of even basic clothes or blankets! When we first went in some could not come to church as they literally had no clothing! (Not like us with a closet full and complaining 'we have nothing to wear')We sent in bales of donated clothes from that a business sells there, as we could afford. Here is a little girl wearing her first dress and shoes, although the shoes were not very practical. The bales contained assorted items donated from other countries and it is like a big grab-bag. Here are also some blankets also sent in a bale to these folk who had none.

Now we have approximately 18 groups large and small that we serve and teach, 1 day school, and a team of ladies who work in teaching the woman and helping them to have happier families!

I would have to write a few books to tell all the stories, but these are just a few glimpses of the adventures of TC international Missionary Volunteers. Truly it is God's doing, none of us could even have imagined it!

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