Why are people fascinated by witchcraft?

First, there is the thrill of the unknown. It all seems so mysterious that people are lured on and on till they get in trouble.

Second, it claims to offer great personal power—power which, in reality, it is never able to deliver.

Third, upon dabbling with it, people sense that more than human power is present.

After they are involved deeply enough, the curious discover the whole thing has become a pool of quicksand, from which it may be impossible to escape. They are being captured by a mysterious force—a supernatural mind which cannot be seen.

The end result may be demon harassment or possession, in one form or another. It may take the form of unshakable depression or it can lead to criminal actions, insanity, or suicide.

This book was written to sound a warning against an attractive, yet captivating, power which is in many of the books, movies, and videos on the market.

Framed, within a dramatic story set in a New England school, are facts needed by the reader about one of the most insidious dangers of our time.

The methods of witchcraft are not taught in this book; but enough facts are given to alert the reader to its special names, the nature of its attractions, and the dangers resulting from it.

Included as part of the story are actual instances which have occurred to people who have dabbled in witchcraft.

Larry Grant, the central character of the book, is a person who is genuinely good. A solid Christian who, by his clean, godly way of life, provides an example worthy of imitation by anyone aspiring to live a better life.

A day-to-day example of basic Christian living is demonstrated in the first part of the book. Later, in answer to practical questions by students at the school, key points on how to come to Christ and stay close to Him are explained.

A truly worthwhile Allegorical Book, designed to really help young people prepare for the future.


 Just so you won’t get mixed up,
here is everyone named in the book:

Len and Ruby Grant, Larry’s parents.

Larry Grant, their son.

William C. Steger, a Boston businessman.

Peter Crockett, Larry’s roommate at the boarding school.

Skip Cramer, their close friend in the room next door.

Chet Arnold, a boy down the hall who saw something in the corner.

Jed Corvor, the boy who attacked Larry.

Mr. Adams, the boys’ dean.

Mr. Ned Oliver, the head of the carpentry and maintenance department at the school. His wife is Karen.

Miss Stevenson, the head librarian at the school.

Ms. Circe Centaur, the lady teaching the strange, new class.

Dr. Vandersleeve, the president of the school.

Mr. Silverton, the school treasurer.

Draco Chaos, the mysterious person living in the village.

Cliodna Vetala, another mysterious person in the village.

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