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This Allegorical-Parable-Story is presented to provide Facts about Magic and the Occult World in a readable style. Many of the incidents are based on real life happenings and the main character is based on the author's own life and experiences.

Witches were secretly taking over the school, uninvited by either staff or students! A powerful, fast-moving story of a teenager who saves an entire student body from a terrible crisis in totally unexpected ways. An adventure story at a boarding school that is filled with suspense, gradually building to surprises on nearly every page. It is a book which provides the reader with facts about magic, the occult and witchcraft, while helping to deepen faith in Jesus Christ. Interwoven in the action-packed story are solid, practical truths which make this a useful book.

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Larry Answers Questions You may have about Life.

APPENDIX 1:  Psychic Predictions

APPENDIX 2: What is Being Taught?